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Inkubus Sukkubus - The Dark GoddessInkubus Sukkubus
Category: Gothic Rock
Album: The Dark Goddess
Stars: 2.5
Blurb: A disappointing collection of tracks from one of the UK’s longest running gothic acts.


Since their formation in 1989, Inkubus Sukkubus has released a stream of albums exploring the darker side of pagan themes, motivations, and desires. Although the band exudes an overt sense of murkiness visually and lyrically, musically the band takes a questionably conventional approach to their songs. Their latest release, The Dark Goddess demonstrates this duality between theme and execution.

Beginning with the title track, “The Dark Goddess” eases into a very guitar-centric track that in spite of its name sounds really bright and not particularly foreboding. “Lose Yourself at the Nymphaeum” takes on a much more robust and nefarious direction, and displays a greater range of instrumentation including synthesizers. Unfortunately, further examination of the tracks that make up this album doesn’t go very far as a very predictable and tiresome pattern quickly emerges. While many of the songs begin with introductory elements that evoke a darker and less generic feel, such as chiming bells, random electronic elements, and acoustic underpinnings, each song quickly delves into the same moderately paced, even-tempered mainstream rock & roll flavor. This wouldn’t be so bad, save the songs themselves sound too much alike and no particular song really stands out amongst the others.

While clearly a technically talented act, it’s clear that Inkubus Sukkubus doesn’t take enough risks with their music, nor do they seem comfortable outside the formula they’ve laid out on this album. Even though they’ve done a great job with their visual and lyrical presentation, their overall vision just doesn’t translate on the record.

Track list:

  1. The Dark Goddess
  2. Lose Yourself at the Nymphaeum
  3. Ferryman
  4. Night Angel
  5. One of the Dead
  6. Bacchanalia
  7. Lunacy
  8. Hammer of the Witches
  9. Kissed by Eros
  10. Karnayna

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