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Inertia vs. Mechanical Cabaret - Johnny, Remember MeInertia vs. Mechanical Cabaret
Category: Electronica
Album: Johnny, Remember Me
Stars: 2.5
Blurb: Inertia and Mechanical Cabaret join up to pay tribute to legendary producer Joe Meek with three modernized interpretations of one of his biggest hits.


In an unlikely tribute to legendary UK music producer Joe Meek, Inertia and Mechanical Cabaret have joined together to offer three reimagined versions of singer John Leyton’s 1961 hit “Johnny, Remember Me.”

The original version was a bittersweet love song typical of the late ‘50s/early ‘60s, designed to make teenage girls scream and swoon and fantasize that they are Johnny’s lovesick true love. The newer versions stay true to the lyrics but lose some of the melancholy sentiment, speeding up the tempo and adding a poppy beat and synths. The first remix is reminiscent of an ‘80s dance club tune; very cheerful, bright, and even a little tinny sounding. The Inertia remix attempts to bring it down a notch with a deeper tone and a few less musically cluttered breaks. Of the three mixes, it best captures the soul of the original. The final remix, the one by Mechanical Cabaret, begins with a drumbeat and an extended intro. MC attempted to add layers to the vocals by doubling and staggering them just a bit. Unfortunately, through most of the song it sounds like one guy whose vocal track was doubled rather than two singers attempting to harmonize. This remix seemed to have the most work put into it, but with the least positive result.

It is pretty safe to assume that any fans of either Inertia or Mechanical Cabaret were not around when the original “Johnny, Remember Me” was a hit. Being big fans of music producer Joe Meek, the two bands took it upon themselves to introduce the sad ballad to a new generation. With three versions to choose from, there’s something to appeal to nearly everyone. From the pop-light version, the deeper and more emotional Inertia remix, to the cluttered and overdone MC remix, Johnny, Remember Me is a good tribute to an influential man.

Track list:

  1. Johnny, Remember Me
  2. Johnny, Remember Me (Inertia Remix)
  3. Johnny, Remember Me (MC Remix)

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