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Inertia - Universal BloodInertia
Category: Electro / Synthpop
Album: Universal Blood
Stars: 3.5
Blurb: Despite its flaws, the best and most affecting moments of this emotional record might indeed be the most intense and affecting moments in all of last year’s electro.


With 20 years of musical experience under the belt, Inertia to this day retains the status of one of the UK’s best kept secrets. The latest record Universal Blood is set to win over those vulnerable fans of industrial that prefer a diet of extroverted, sensuous tracks over the huff and puff of its grinding, tumultuous machinery.

Regardless of your expectations, “Call for Truth” establishes a satisfyingly intense flavor. The composition bursts suddenly and flourishes with words climaxing amid the backdrop of beats and swaying melodies. Without being rushed impatiently toward a sudden conclusion, it exploits its stirring content with cruel but awe-inspiring deliberation. Similarly, most of the other tracks are blown up beyond a pop template, majestically moving forward while reiterating their hooks again and again. While the strongest compositions benefit from this twisted proportion, several songs grow repetitive and reliant on nothing else but looped choruses and motifs that don’t always work as effectively as the band might have assumed. Still, Inertia patiently perfects its synthpop derived electro ballads that throughout Universal Blood build up the dramatic mood through thoughtfully layered synths and melancholy soaked vocals without ever challenging the overall deliberate rhythm with unnecessary roars and shrieks of redundant industrial anger. Even those tracks that hope to invigorate the tempo of the record with the loud, empowering force of guitar riffs like “Idle Life” or the stomping “Blind” find their value in the brief moments of total symbiosis of musical power and vocal passion. Much like Assemblage23 and VNV Nation but without the inkling towards the dance floor dominance, Inertia builds up the crescendo of the whole album from individual spikes of romantic intensity that punctuate most choruses and in fact most of the album’s 10 tracks. The gothic and guitar heavy tones of “A Winters Tango” send Inertia down a path soaked in atmosphere, but one that distances the track from the rest of the record and barely registers in the scope of the entire list since its haunting setup is never utilized again, the pronounced emotionalism and acoustic elements aside. This constant juggling of modes and motifs makes Universal Blood musically inconsequential and reliant less on the band’s recognizable method and more on the penchant for affectionate writing and emotive structures. That is not to say that the somewhat more aggressive melodies of “Lies” and the exotic undertones of “Last Chance” do not resonate without a broader stylistic context in place.

All the way through Universal Blood, the listener is tested by the soundscape’s shifting properties, but amid the chaos of sounds, Udhin’s voice and Inertia’s ability to craft simple yet memorable hooks win over any complaints regarding the incoherent nature of the album. With so much living emotions contained within, Inertia’s latest deserves to be heard and replayed.
Track list:

  1. Call for Truth
  2. Alive
  3. Streaming
  4. Idle Life
  5. A Winters Tango
  6. Blind
  7. Last Chance
  8. Lies
  9. Touch
  10. Memory Blue

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