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Inertia - Repeat & FollowInertia
Category: EBM / Electro
Album: Repeat & Follow
Stars: 2.5
Blurb: Repeat & Follow is a maxi-single featuring tracks from Inertia’s latest studio album, 2010’s Deworlded.


Formed in 1992, Inertia has carved out for themselves a sizable corner of the industrial dance market in London and elsewhere in Europe. With Repeat & Follow, Inertia seems to be looking to maximize their investment in their latest album, which took them upwards of three years to complete.

While a driving and enjoyable song, it’s arguable whether or not “Repeat & Follow” is the most impressive or noteworthy track available on Deworlded, but the band has nevertheless made it their chief promotional track. The maxi-single contains a number of variations and versions of the song, most of which seem to have missed the opportunity of truly enhancing the original version, or taking it in more interesting and varied directions. For the most part, it feels that the backbone and core elements of the song are all still solidly in place, and only superficial measures have been taken in the remixing. In other words, the remixes here are on the bland side and instead of attempting something bold or unpredictable, have played it safe. The sole exception to this is Goteki’s inventive remix, which appears at the end of the disc.

Another missed opportunity is the inclusion of the original version of “Fallout.” Another track from Deworlded, it seems wasteful to have not placed one or more remixes of this track on the disc – or perhaps even one or two previously unreleased tracks. With only eight songs of moderate length on Repeat & Follow, there would have been more than enough room.

Track list:

  1. Repeat & Follow
  2. Repeat & Follow (12 Inch Extended Mix)
  3. Repeat & Follow (Bairuz Mix)
  4. Repeat & Follow (Tongue & Groove Mix)
  5. Fallout (Original Version)
  6. Repeat & Follow (Endless Noise Mix)
  7. Repeat & Follow (Virez Mix)
  8. Repeat & Follow (Goteki Mix)

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