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Inertia - Distant Mind (Single)Inertia
Category: Synthpop / Industrial
Album: Distant Mind (Single)
Stars: 3
Blurb: Inertia’s Distant Mind features the darkly catchy original single mix and four eclectic remixes fans will surely play on repeat.


Inertia, created in 1992 by front man Reza Udhin, recently released its twelfth studio album, Existential, in 2015, which contains the original version of “Distant Mind.” In early 2016, Inertia released Distant Mind as a five-track single, which features a single edit of the original version and four unique remixes of the song.

“Distant Mind” possesses all of the ingredients that make a song immediately memorable and catchy. The track opens with a spooky, ambient sound that crescendos and gives way to a fuzz-filled mid-tempo, yet driving beat and a catchy synth riff. Clean toned guitars add crispness and melody to the wall of distorted layers of drums and synths, while Udhin’s stellar vocals, both lead and backing harmonies, stand out in the forefront of the mix and do not get drowned out by the instrumentation. He shows impressive range and emotion in his vocal performance. The track is reminiscent of a dreamy, slightly melancholy Depeche Mode-esque tune that will happily stick in one’s mind all day.

Each of the remixes of “Distant Mind” focus on different aspects of the song. The Modovar mix is a bit slower and strips down the synths to highlight the vocals and harmonies. On the other hand, the Cyberindustries and Mob Research mixes are heavier, grittier, and take on more of an industrial/hard rock vibe. The Regenerator mix showcases some female vocals, heavy synths, and even a funky sounding piano toward the end of the song; the downside to this mix is some purposeful crackles and static effects, which were a bit grating and took away from fully enjoying the new features added into this version.

Overall, “Distant Mind” is a very well composed, performed, and likeable track that many will find themselves singing along and dancing to, over and over again. This reviewer certainly has!
Track list:

  1. Distant Mind [Single Edit]
  2. Distant Mind [Modovar Mix]
  3. Distant Mind [Cyberindustries Mix]
  4. Distant Mind [Mob Research Mix]
  5. Distant Mind [Regenerator Mix]

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