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Inertia - AliveInertia
Category: Electro / Synthpop
Album: Alive
Stars: 2.5
Blurb: Alive paves the way for Inertia’s latest release and by playing it safe ends up more a teaser than an epic, memorable trailer.


Before unveiling the newest effort, Inertia brings to the table a brief sneak peak. Via this seven track EP, the London based act hopes to tantalize and stimulate, but while the choice of a single is reasonably logical and the execution is both thorough and diverse, the whole endeavor still feels only moderately entertaining and not necessarily as enticing as it should be.

“Alive” is a solid track and an example of all around pristine production and efficient effort that lends itself to those nostalgic moments of solitude as well as mass consumption on the club dance floor. It isn’t, however, an album defining single and it lacks the lyrical punch line that some of Inertia’s strongest, most affecting songs deliver in spades. Even the choice of remix artists seems to confirm this very deliberate compromise between the romantic core of the song and its danceable disposition with the latter being perfectly encapsulated in XP8’s mix of the single. The album version unravels with the precision of a well oiled industrial machine – from vibrating layers of synths, through the soft vocals of Inertia’s front man Reza Udhin, all the way to spikes in the intensity of pulsating electronic textures in the track’s chorus. What “Alive” is missing, in spite of its technical proficiency and confidently realized structure, is a dash of identity that would help set it apart in the flood of similarly well realized mergers of synthpop sensibilities and electro appeal. Among the remixes that toy with various, distinct but not necessarily redefining styles, the Lowlife Disco mix registers as an interesting throwback to old school electronic groove and Ego Likeness manages to intensify the atmosphere through dense, distorted instrumentation that still retains the melodic body of the song.

There is absolutely nothing wrong, at least fundamentally, with Inertia’s choice of EP material and there’s even a solid chance that Alive will become many a listener’s defining moment of Universal Blood. If you prefer to enjoy your dose of electro and pop fusion without any consideration for the hurrying rhythms of the dance floor, you will want to head straight to the final release, though, where Inertia might actually fulfill this particular craving.
Track list:

  1. Alive (Single Mix)
  2. Alive (XP8 Remix)
  3. Alive (Paul Robb Mix)
  4. Alive (Ego Likeness Remix)
  5. The Line
  6. Alive (Inertia Electro Body Mix)
  7. Alive (Lowlife Disco Mix)

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