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In the Nursery - Blind SoundIn the Nursery
Category: Darkwave / Classical
Album: Blind Sound
Stars: 4
Blurb: Incredibly gallant and outspoken; definitely a high-end of musical enjoyment.


With their latest album, Blind Sound, coming three years after The Passion of Joan of Arc, In the Nursery stimulates a bombastic experience of adrenaline-inducing music. Since leaving behind their avant-garde era and entering the world of the soundtrack, In the Nursery has managed to take the skillfulness and talent they posses and channel it into the enormous and unstoppable force of gallantly outspoken modern classical. The first track kicks off in a charade of insatiable lust for something more, something deeper and meaningful. As it progresses, the thoughtful arrangement of strings and its bombastic nature leaves a jaw-dropping sense of musical fulfillment. The band has surely progressed enormously throughout the years as evidenced by “Artisans of Civilization,” its title making sense as it pumps you up to leave your inner civilization broken and torn to shreds, leaving you to wish it would’ve been longer, hoping for it to be rebuilt. In other words, the track is a very promising art of work and probably one of the best songs in awhile. Suddenly, the listener finds meaning again, as “Past Glory” pours through your ear-canals in a rapid speed consisting of beating drums. From a distance, it feels like an assembled force is trying with its last breath to finish what it has started; as majestic as the preceding track with melancholia dripping from the singer’s idealistic posture. After this trip through ages and sound, the rather downright and soothing title track plays, bringing listeners to the point of no return, continually marching through with heads held up high. The band’s use of militaristic snare drum is as fitting as on the other songs and the uncompromising, sincere drumming accompanied by a cascade of thriving and synced strings makes the song like candy for the brain. “Coloured Silence” shows off a highly interesting, calm-inducing state of mind, offering respite since being bombarded with the declamatory material all the way through. The versatility of this group is surely astonishing with the most interesting song on the album besides “Artisans of Civilization” being the fast and progressive sound of “Resonate,” leaving everything behind and marching onto oblivion, leaving one saddened that the grandiose experience is over. “Overtone” closes us out, leaving hopelessness and awe… but the song is too pretty to explain; you must experience it yourself. In this writer’s opinion, this is one of the best albums to be heard in a long, long time. The collective of David Elektik, Dolores Marguerite C., Klive Humberstone, and Nigel Humberstone surely knows how to succeed with just the right formula and how timeless it might become.
Track list:

  1. Artisans of Civilization
  2. Past Glory
  3. Blind Sound
  4. Crepuscule
  5. Trial by Error
  6. Coloured Silence
  7. Lectern
  8. Crave
  9. Resonate
  10. Overtone

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