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Impurfekt - SaviorImpurfekt
Category: EBM / Industrial
Album: Savior
Stars: 2.5
Blurb: A stitch-work golem of blatant influences, Impurfekt’s third full-length offering is less than the sum of its component parts.


Ethereal EBM act Impurfekt has been busy over the past four years. In that time, creator Aaron Russell has managed to release three full-length albums and a smattering of singles, themed EPs, and remixes. Unfortunately, Impurfekt has failed to emerge from the shadows of its influences and develop its own voice as is evidenced by this latest release. Savior features much of Russell’s hallmark style: dreamscape synth pads and heavily wrought samples abound beside distorted vocals and raw, thunderous beats with dance floor potential. The problem is that, as in some of Impurfekt’s previous offerings, this all sounds a bit familiar. And this is not simply because we’ve heard it from him before. Instead, it seems that as a project, Impurfekt cannot find its way off of the well worn path cut by its predecessors.

Savior’s second track, the sophomorically titled “God is the Devil,” feels as though it was written with the Rudy Ratzinger school firmly in mind. In fact, Impurfekt’s reliance on obvious, often grating samples throughout the album is equally Ratzinger-esque. “Stillborn” follows suit, a poor man’s “Embryodead.” On “Hero” and “Moon,” we find both vocal delivery and lyrical subject matter derived heavily from ISC’s Exile Paradise era. “Cyborg,” the album’s sixth track is also its highlight; perhaps not the most inventive piece, it is both enjoyable and tells an amusing story musically. The lyrics presented on Savior vie constantly with the poor choice of samples, which is sure to pull you out of song and cause you to wince. “I came to save you / to hold you in my arms / to chase your fears away” sounds like something you’d find written on a note passed in third period biology. At this point, word needs to get around the industrial community that it is unacceptable to sample a police siren on a song that will likely not be listened to within the confines of someone’s automobile. Impurfekt does this and goes one step further sampling a wailing baby, a sound genetically hardwired to cause human beings the kind of distress that has one reaching quickly for the forward button.

The mixing and production on this album are fine, which along with superior sound design shows an admirable dedication to craft on the part of Russell. The next step in this act’s development should be to figure out a uniquely recognizable voice with which to tell these stories.

Track list:

  1. Ashes
  2. Hero
  3. God is the Devil
  4. The Brave One
  5. Fade Away
  6. Cyborg
  7. Stillborn
  8. Shadow
  9. Moon
  10. The Day the Earth Stood Still

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