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Iammynewt - Second ComingIammynewt
Category: Electronic
Album: Second Coming
Stars: 2.5
Blurb: A progression – or regression – into rudimentary sounds and production to make for an album of strong music in need of further sonic exploration.


Chris Cozort is certainly something of an enigma in the electronic music underground. Though well respected for his abilities with mixing and mastering, having worked with the likes of Cyanotic, Cynergy 67, Pigface, and Diverje, his own output has been somewhat sporadic and schizophrenic. With Second Coming, he takes his Iammynewt project further down the progression – or is it a regression? – laid down by his previous album, Boom Operator, focusing on simplicity of sound and style. The album certainly lives up to its title in this regard for while the tones exhibited on the album are certainly gritty and rather aurally pleasing, there is a rudimentary quality in their tonality and an almost whimsically juvenile sensibility to the melodies at play. This is especially true on a track like “Q.T.” in which a punchy bass underscores a rather off-kilter descending line, offset by a pleasantly robotic ambience that gives the song the feel of a classic video game. Another example would be a song like “REmemBUR” with its arpeggio backing and basic beats evocative of the earliest drum machines, or “PTN” with its two-note bass line reminiscent of a slowed down Jaws theme with scathing, rubbery synths befitting early rave or even gabber music if not for the lack of distortion and speed, and “SINdur” makes for a pleasant melody that may remind some listeners of earlier Aphex Twin.

As stated before, there is a video game quality to the album, as further exemplified by the likes of “DULLearEus” or “DReye,” both developing eerie atmospheres through bass lines so basic that one could imagine them – and indeed, the album as a whole – to be the product of a child’s first attempt at making music. The utter simplicity of the album makes for an oddly delightfully and strangely off-putting experience, typical of Iammynewt’s style. Even the piano tones on “mUk” and “LEgind” are so elementary that any depth they might have possessed in the hands of another artist is eschewed. There is little if any tweaking at play so that each tone is kept to its minimal capacity, the beats straightforward and devoid of any nuance; not even a glitch, which was so intrinsic to much of the artist’s earlier work and collaborations. On the plus side, this allows the strength of the melodies and the layering of numerous harmonious elements to shine through without overwhelming the listener. In a sense, the album beckons for the participation of the listener, allowing others to fill in the spaces that might have otherwise been filled by another band, which makes for some interesting remix potential. As it stands, Second Coming is an album of strong music and mix, but demands a higher production value to give the songs the fullness and range they deserve. Chris Cozort may wish to “Keep It Simple, Silly,” but given the level of ability he’s displayed in the past, one yearns for more from Iammynewt.
Track list:

  1. LEgind
  2. CALMing
  3. Q.T.
  4. REmemBUR
  5. DReye
  6. PTN
  7. gonR
  8. bI
  9. SINdur
  10. DULLearEus
  11. mUk
  12. MODuel
  13. X
  14. hELp
  15. second coming

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