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HypoFixx - The Sixth PermutationHypoFixx
Category: Industrial
Album: The Sixth Permutation
Stars: 2.5
Blurb: In search of his own musical identity, HypoFixx releases an album that’s unlikely to either offend or make a long lasting impression.


The third album of New York based DJ Carlos Preciado under the moniker HypoFixx reveals a deep running appreciation of the industrial classics. But as usually is the case, the long list of influences does not necessarily validate the coherence of the work that it spawns and The Sixth Permutation acts as a genre encompassing greatest hits – it competently ticks the necessary boxes and lazily avoids excelling upon the familiar industrial blueprint. The album wavers between distinguished aesthetics, from EBM to hints of metal, but in all its decency never actually rivets.

Preciado’s music is filled with harsh energizing beats that reveal his disc jockeying occupation. It’s a shame that given a chance to act under the industrial banner, he doesn’t attempt to experiment further. The Sixth Permutation most often sounds (because it juggles not one but several industrial clichés) like ‘90s dance/punk filtered through chaos of distortion – The Prodigy unapologetically mixed with Front 242. “My Resurrection,” “The One,” and “My Own Way Out” share similar chemistry between trancelike beats and harsh electronica; what they also uniformly lack is a hook that would prolong their appeal beyond the confinement of a crowded club where they could be most successful.

To diversify the experience Preciado flirts with aggrotech on “Transform” and “Resignation,” all out rave on “Rumble Frenzy,” and even darker, Numan-esque shades of nihilism on closing track “Sonar.” All those compositions prove HypoFixx’s literacy but despite inducing a fair share of interest in their opening moments they burn out instead of soar, as if the ideas standing behind the tracks’ conception were never properly explored and challenged. The most memorable slice of The Sixth Permutation, “New World New War” builds a strong militaristic momentum consisting of marching beats and echoing choir that both bring to mind KMFDM and coldwave bands in the vein of Chemlab. It’s one track on which HypoFixx does not miss an opportunity to outshine his peers and despite the repetitious nature, it escalates, shifts, and surprises the listener with a well developed and complex structure. Five bonus remix tracks are a standard fare, all of them attempting to manipulate the original songs in predictable, dance floor oriented fashion.

Clearly a DJ, HypoFixx fails to develop a differential for his newest album and the lack of a unique voice is what renders The Sixth Permutation little more than acceptable. The one man army that he appears to be, Mr. Preciado proves his talent in replicating several facets of past and present industrial trends. Ultimately, the mileage you will get out of this release is proportional to the time you can spare for music that never sets to storm the well established borders of the genre.
Track list:

  1. My Resurrection
  2. From Yesterday
  3. Transform
  4. Absolute Power
  5. Resignation
  6. New World New War
  7. My Own Way Out
  8. Rumble Frenzy
  9. The One
  10. Sonar
  11. My Resurrection (Extended Mix)
  12. Transform (Mouth of Disease Mix)
  13. New World New War (Telophazer Remix)
  14. My Resurrection (DJ 206 Dub Mix)
  15. Come Here (VTXM Mix)

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