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Hyperdriver - You Are Only Alive Because it is Illegal to Shoot YouHyperdriver
Category: Digital Hardcore
Album: You Are Only Alive Because it is Illegal to Shoot You
Stars: 3
Blurb: Hyperdriver’s new album brings the noise… and the noise.


Pioneered in the early ‘90s, digital hardcore music combines the attitude of hardcore punk with the speed of drum & bass and occasionally shouted vocals and heavily distorted guitars. Usually, the result is a highly volatile mix of danceable destruction. With You Are Only Alive Because it is Illegal to Shoot You, Hyperdriver sticks to the mold but also introduces some new elements.

“D-Trash Drive-By” kicks off the record in grand fashion with breakneck jungle beats and glitches guaranteed to grab the listener by the throat. Although the opener is like a shot of adrenaline through the heart, the track clocks in at almost 12 minutes long, making it feel too extended. Similarly, later in the record, “Bang Bang You’re Dead” lasts for over 10 minutes. “Shoot ‘Em Up” and “Shotabollockov” are pure bursts of electro punk energy that would make any jungle enthusiast scream with approval. Hyperdriver takes the foot off the gas pedal with the four-on-the-floor stomper “Do You Want Us to Shoot Her?,” which also includes one of the best into samples of all time. Experimentation also seeps its way into the album as “Powder Burns” is a minimalist take, reminiscent of Radiohead’s more investigational work, making it a welcome relief but also a pleasant surprise. “Don’t Make My Day” begins with laidback jazz undertones and features some really catchy breaks until the track decays into a glitch-heavy orgy. Hyperdriver then delivers perhaps the most enjoyable cut on the entire record with “The Wider Tapestry (Full Metal Jacket).” Everything comes together with this track; from the ruthless drumbeat to the ground shaking low end, it truly is the highlight of the record.

You Are Only Alive Because it is Illegal to Shoot You is a solid record for fans of the digital hardcore sound. There is enough familiarity in the music to keep it rooted, but also plenty of surprises throughout keeping the listener engaged. Really, the album’s major drawback is the lack of brevity. Two of the record’s 11 tracks combine for over 20 minutes of music, most of it unnecessary. While portions of these tracks are enjoyable, they would certainly benefit from a bit of editing, which would keep the energy level up. The same can be said for the title of the album, which at the very least, should feature some abbreviation, if not a full redo. Those things aside, You Are Only Alive Because it is Illegal to Shoot You is a fantastic glimpse inside the 21st century version of the digital hardcore sound.
Track list:

  1. D-Trash Drive-By
  2. Shoot ‘Em Up
  3. All Rev’d Up
  4. Shotabollockov
  5. Do You Want Us to Shoot Her?
  6. Powder Burns
  7. Bang Bang You’re Dead
  8. Don’t Make My Day
  9. Hollowpoint
  10. The Wider Tapestry (Full Metal Jacket)
  11. Headshot

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