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Category: Electro-pop / Rock
Album: One.Nine.Five.Six (Single)
Stars: 3
Blurb: Hypefactor revisits an ongoing talent fore creating deliberately pop-styled electronic music.


Evolving outside of the underground music scene and into a more electro-pop genre seems to be more and more contagious with bands lately. Only a select handful of musicians have been successful at making this leap towards that of a more mainstream listening audience. New York’s Hypefactor is one of those bands that truly strive to understand what they need to get there. Held together by seasoned front man F.J. DeSanto and the production and songwriting talents of Brandt Gassman, they have persistently strived to create music that rises more in the direction of the mainstream. DeSanto’s roots from the early years of the coldwave music landscape have early on given way to a smoother sounding basis with the Hypefactor project, and the level of youthful buoyancy that Gassman manages to introduce has always married this musical direction quite nicely. One.Nine.Five.Six now gives us a three-song teaser single that attempts to help us to better understand Hypefactor’s latest direction of sound.

The tracks included on this disc preview the upcoming full-length Exit Strategies and are arguably more pop-oriented than straight up electronica on all accounts. The semblance of electronica remains the basis of the music, but fraught with electric studio countermeasures, the songs create a vibe that simply demands radio play. Touching on their more new wave/rock-oriented repertoire, the single edit of “One.Nine.Five.Six” crashes through the wall of electronica with a bold sense of studio musicianship and lively production retouches. A fine song to grant as the first single, it possesses a skillful connection between vocals and instruments. Oddly enough, the Baye’s Realm remix track “Clean Up” might have been considered a better first release with its infectious electronic-versus-electric melody bouncing back and forth in unison throughout. However, the remixed version highlights a crooning foreground of vocals that doesn’t quite match up to the synthesized musical backdrop, begging the question of what the original track must sound like. Finishing off with the (practically) instrumental “Saturday Night Dream” uneasily drops the musical tempo down and fades away without the old-school new wave energy that the preceding tracks had possessed. The solid bass line and diffused dialogue samples only manage to create a subtle finish and leave you wondering what direction from these three tracks are Hypefactor going to hold strong to on the new album. The spontaneity and diversity on One.Nine.Five.Six provides us a window into the band today, but based on these three tracks, the only thing clear is that their endeavor toward electro-pop stardom remains at a progressive stage.
Track list:

  1. One.Nine.Five.Six (Single Edit)
  2. Clean Up (Baye’s Realms Mix)
  3. Saturday Night Dream

Hypefactor Website http://www.hypefactor.com
Hypefactor MySpace http://www.myspace.com/hypefactor
Hypefactor Facebook http://www.facebook.com/pages/Hypefactor/329312607892
Hypefactor Twitter http://www.twitter.com/hypefactor_band
Hypefactor SoundCloud http://soundcloud.com/hypefactor_band
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