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Hypefactor - CreationismHypefactor
Category: Electro-pop / Rock
Album: Creationism
Stars: 3.5
Blurb: Not only a first-rate single/EP companion but also a fine display of this New York band’s talent and diversity of sound and style.


The New York duo of F.J. DeSanto and Brandt Gassman, collectively known as Hypefactor, are certainly dedicated to their excellent crafting of exciting pop rock. With the Exit Strategies full-length, the band presented an impressively layered and dynamic mix of styles and sounds, combining the synth-driven power of new wave and electro with the crystalline guitar and bass lines of indie and pop rock, topped off with a healthy dose of catchy yet emotive melody. Creationism marks the second single from the album, presenting “Creation Phase” in four distinct and diverse mixes, with the Single mix completely fulfilling the role and breaking the original version’s trancelike progression down into a much more straightforward though no less enjoyable helping of shimmering electro/rock. As ever, DeSanto’s Peter Hook inspired bass lines share center stage with Gassman’s twinkling guitars, with the electronics subtly but powerfully filling in the atmosphere, while Liz Hynes’ accompanying vocal complements DeSanto’s smooth delivery wonderfully. Her presence is amplified on Baye’s ambient and somberly rhythmic In Loving Memory mix, while the Frankenfurter mix by renowned producer Howie Beno is a much more danceable affair full of energized sequences and staccato guitar harmonics. Equally energetic but a bit more anxious is the SDB mix by Lluther’s G. Owens, closing the EP out with a noisily enjoyable and varied remix of the song. Rounding out the EP are three additional tracks, with the previously unreleased “May” emphasizing Hypefactor’s instrumental capabilities as a moody and sensual piece. Possessing a bit of Brit-hop flair in the beats, with Ace Barton’s lovely saxophone solo playing atop lush pads and really evoking the spirit of the ‘80s; this writer is reminded of the more atmospheric work of Shriekback or Jan Hammer’s scores for Miami Vice. The saxophone flavor takes on a more synthesized tonality in DJGX’s Glitchy Blues mix of “Saturday Night Dream,” while the Milky Mix of “Our Faith” by Peka is a spacious and pulsating electro mix with a fun beat that will certainly have listeners bopping their heads as washes of wah guitar and stuttering vocals and synths glitch in and out of the speakers to make for a wonderfully tense song reminiscent of late ‘90s Depeche Mode. All in all, Creationism is not only a fine single/EP that plays as a striking companion to its parent album, but also displays Hypefactor’s well crafted balance of appealing songwriting and adventurous production.
Track list:

  1. Creation Phase (Single Mix)
  2. May
  3. Creation Phase (Frankenfurter Mix)
  4. Our Faith (Milky Mix)
  5. Creation Phase (Baye’s In Loving Memory Mix)
  6. Saturday Night Dream (Glitchy Blues Remix)
  7. Creation Phase (SDB Mix)

Hypefactor Website http://www.hypefactor.com
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Hypefactor Facebook http://www.facebook.com/pages/Hypefactor/329312607892
Hypefactor Twitter http://www.twitter.com/hypefactor_band
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