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Hujaboy - The Fact EP
Category: Techno / Trance
Album: The Fact EP
Stars: 1
Blurb: Three tracks that sound exactly like the same three tracks.


What we have here from Hujaboy are three tracks of techno with little difference between each track. The first track, “The Core” is a stomper with a nice beat ranging in the 120 or better BPM range. The track clocks in at nearly nine minutes long and has a strong bass beat, at times feeling like perhaps something that Psykosonik might have done or even a remix. A minimalistic melody fills in some of the background but it never overpowers the mix. On “The Fact,” the beat stays the same with an added clap on the “and” of the 4/4 beat. Again this track sounds rather dated and like something that could have been played in the clubs in the mid-to-late ‘90s. No new ground is explored here and no new envelopes are even hinted at so that by the time we get to the third and final track on the album, the beat hasn’t changed; it’s still the same 4/4 beat at the same BPM level. The melodies don’t vary much and it really just sounds like a long version of the same song flowing into each other without much definition. While this may be fun to listen to at a club or even in the background while you are doing housework, it lacks any kind of definition or uniqueness to make the listener want to further explore this ride. In fact, it’s so repetitive that by the end of the three-song EP, this writer wasn’t even sure that he hadn’t missed something while listening to it. While the production is done well, and there is enough here to get a club floor stomping, the casual listener will want to stay clear of this EP.
Track list:

  1. The Core
  2. The Fact
  3. The Flower

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Gabe Wilkinson (Microwaved)

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