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Hue Jah Fink - We Snare Because You DoHue Jah Fink
Category: Techno / Drum & Bass
Album: We Snare Because You Do
Stars: 2.5
Blurb: A short throwback to the ‘90s jungle and drum & bass explosion with all the same strengths and blemishes.


London based DJ, musician, and audio engineer – a veritable audio jack of all trades – Hue Jah Fink has reached into his audio archive and produced a short collection of his favorite jungle and drum & bass favorites often heard in live performances between 2003 and 2007. Available as a “name your price” digital album on Bandcamp, We Snare Because You Do captures much of the charm and character that brought this genre to prominence in the mid-‘90s rave scene.

Kicking off with the hip-hop and soul samples that lead into a series of familiar yet intricately arranged breaks, “Must Make Amenz” quickly transports the listener to a time when this style was more in vogue, but stumbled in its last third as the spastic chaos is replaced with a slow plodding beat coupled with nonsensical sampling. “Slavez” gets a bit more controlled in its sound, flexing its audio manipulation muscle to produce a more atmospheric feeling that is more reminiscent of electronic acts such as Photek or Fluke. “Sinister” moves back into the heavy drum & bass realm and proves to be appropriately named with the deep tweaked bass and otherworldly flittering trills, but a poorly placed and overly long breakdown in the middle of the track really hurts the song’s flow. Unfortunately, these three opening tracks seem to display most of Hue Jah Fink’s tricks and the remainder of the album is largely more of the same with most of the defining characteristics of the songs drawn from their sampling and tone of the bass as what remains bleeds into what feels like one long drum & bass exercise.

We Snare Because You Do is definitely a pleasant little throwback, but it’s a bit surprising to find that everything within is less than a decade old. It does capture some of what made mid-‘90s electronic music so exciting, but it’s disappointing that it seems all the attention was paid to recreation as opposed to evolution. At the least We Snare Because You Do can easily capitalize on nostalgia and those who still find themselves yearning for their old collection of DJ mix tapes. Hue Jah Fink has faithfully reproduced that sound with the only thing missing being the subtle hiss of fourth generation cassette tape duplication.
Track list:

  1. Must Make Amenz
  2. Slavez
  3. Sinister
  4. Fuk Off
  5. Get the Fuk Out
  6. Deadly Sinz
  7. Fully Assignable Tsunami

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