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Hocico - Tiempos de FuriaHocico
Category: Industrial / EBM
Album: Tiempos de Furia
Stars: 3.5
Blurb: Returning to their heavy roots, Hocico’s Tiempos de Furia is thoughtful, engaging, and full of raw emotion.


True to its name Tiempos de Furia (Times of Fury) is an album of unadulterated anger and aggression. Returning to Hocico’s harder, darker roots, this album will delight both hardcore fans and new listeners alike.

The CD starts strongly with “I Want to Go to Hell,” a song about a guys’ night out with Satan. Even beyond the mid-paced yet highly danceable beat, the sometimes humorous lyrics are worth paying attention to, especially the part where Erk Aicrag sings of his evil partying companion, “He’s funny. He makes me laugh.” The majority of the songs on the album could easily find a home in heavy rotation at industrial nightclubs. “Where Words Fail, Hate Speaks,” “Bite Me,” and “Twist the Thorn,” in particular, inspire heavy booted feet to stomp the floor.

However, Tiempos de Furia is not all intense aggression and heavy beats. There are a few songs that focus more on the controlled side of rage. “Hey… It’s Me” begins quite slowly, with a singsong melody that is eventually joined by a throbbing beat and nightmare lyrics of insanity. “Kiss of the Apocalypse” is an ambient instrumental placed near the middle of the album in the eighth position, weirdly disrupting the flow between “Lost Fate” and “Twist the Thorn,” two songs that could have complemented each other quite well if they were one right after the other. “Not Human” breaks from the outright anger and presents a vision of heartbreaking sorrow. It’s well crafted, nicely layered, and really quite beautiful in its sadness.

Hocico is known for anger and aggression. While not groundbreaking, Tiempos de Furia is a solid EBM album with intensity, emotion, meaningful lyrics, and undeniable dance beats. Whether on the dance floor or rocking out in a pair of headphones, it is sure to please.

Track list:

  1. I Want to Go to Hell
  2. Where Words Fail, Hate Speaks
  3. Flesh to Lacerate
  4. Dog Eat Dog
  5. Hey… It’s Me
  6. Bite Me
  7. Lost Fate
  8. Kiss of the Apocalypse
  9. Twist the Thorn
  10. Tiempos de Furia
  11. Not Human
  12. Altered States
  13. Los Espejos Rotos

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