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Hirsute Pursuit - Tighten That Muscle RingHirsute Pursuit
Category: Electronica / Experimental
Album: Tighten That Muscle Ring
Stars: 4
Blurb: Less disco than noise, more industrial than techno, all masculine and decadent, Hirsute Pursuit’s completely dominates the listener with eroticized avant-garde power.


In many ways, the disco of the late ‘70s begat virtually every form of danceable electronic music to follow, either due to derision of its simplicity and lack of complex musicality or for the embrace of technology to create a pulsating beat driven form that would give rise to all manner of sensuous, erotic abandon. Of course, given the homosexual connotations attributed with disco and techno, it’s a wonder that there haven’t been more (if any) bands or artists to overtly combine the two. The duo of Harley Phoenix and Bryin Dall – collectively known as Hirsute Pursuit – strive to change that with their sexually charged brand of hard electro. Owing more to the rhythmic experimentation of avant-garde industrial than to disco, the music on Tighten That Muscle Ring lives up to its title; tightly produced, muscular in its beats and attitude.

As the band’s previous album, That Hole Belongs to Me, began with a cover, so too does Tighten That Muscle Ring – this time, with David Bowie’s “Boys Keep Swinging.” However, stripped down to a gyrating mechanical beat, slithery electronic atmosphere, and Boyd Rice’s monotone delivery of the lyrics, the track removes the funky playfulness of the original version and replaces it with a minimalist groove that is at once ominous and arousing. From here, the album descends into a decadent display of masculine sexual energy, due in no small part to the abundance of samples… or are they samples? Nope, every sound was recorded live in the studio, making the album all the more visceral and engaging. The stage is set as “You’re Here to Pleasure Me” begins with a dominant voice asserting himself and placing the listener immediately in a state of total submission as the distorted ambience of heavy breathing and slightly dissonant electronics make for a slow but powerful track. Similarly, songs like “My Pleasure” with its almost funky synths and breakbeat with some effective guitar noise to boot, the primal energy of “Fuck” with its throbbing bass and clunky percussion, and “Slow Ride in Kentucky” with its smarmy whistle-like melody simply ooze of sexual control driven by scathing environments as metallically abrasive as they are erotically welcoming. Featuring the late Peter “Sleazy” Christopherson, the companion pieces of “One Sleazy Night in Bangcock” and “One Sleazy Night in New Orleans” explore a dual personality; the first track rhythmically thrumming with distorted electronic coughs and skittering sequences exuding an animalistic nature, while the latter track with its jangling acoustic guitar and faux-harmonica melody amid the steadily ascending sounds of carnal pleasure makes for a whimsical track that reminds this writer as much of the southern horror of Deliverance or The Texas Chainsaw Massacre as it does the esoteric pleasures of punishment.

Ending Tighten That Muscle Ring are three bonus remixes. With the House and Pleasuregate mixes of “My Pleasure,” the track takes on a much more danceable and DJ friendly vibe, though no less stimulating as the recordings of sex are ever present, while the Pounded mix of “Fuck” – courtesy of Dall’s Dream into Dust cohort Derek Rush – takes a harsher, noisier approach befitting the original song’s straightforward approach. While some might find the plethora of sounds of gay sex off putting, most of them are utilized in such a way that eschews conventions of sexual orientation, focusing instead of an air of male dominance. Less disco than noise, more industrial than techno, all masculine and decadent, Hirsute Pursuit’s second album is one that makes clear its intention to make audiences submit completely.
Track list:

  1. Boys Keep Swinging
  2. You’re Here to Pleasure Me
  3. One Sleazy Night in Bangcock
  4. Daddy Bear
  5. My Pleasure
  6. Big Time
  7. Fuck
  8. My Pretty Pink Hole
  9. Slow Ride in Kentucky
  10. One Sleazy Night in New Orleans
  11. My Pleasure House
  12. Fuck (Pounded Mix)
  13. My Pleasure House (Pleasuregate Mix)

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