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Himiko - DethnoizzzHimiko
Category: Noise / Industrial / Metal
Album: Dethnoizzz
Stars: 2.5
Blurb: Goregrind and death metal deconstructed and mutated into a vicious, and perhaps thankfully brief, display of digital hardcore violence.


Himiko is something of a musical curiosity; an innovative composer and producer, her music mutates with each release, making her something of a staple for digital hardcore label D-Trash Records. Her latest EP, Dethnoizzz presents a brutal 13 minute onslaught of goregrind and death metal deconstructions across 11 tracks. Guttural guitars and growls that are likely to remind many of the likes of Abscess or Necrophagia are underscored by subtly complex layers of equally distorted electronics, all topped off by Himiko’s shouts and screams, all creating a very unsettling effect that is sure to offend and repel many an unsuspecting listener. Given the brevity of the overall package, no individual track stands out; rather, they all serve to create a flowing digital hardcore assault from beginning to end. As such, it’s difficult to say who outside of open minded gore metal enthusiasts will find any enjoyment from Dethnoizzz, but then again, that is perhaps who the EP is best geared toward. Especially given D-Trash Records’ niche fan base, this EP is rather par for the course for the label, though it does send Himiko down a much darker path than she’s perhaps forged on past releases. As well, Dethnoizzz is further proof of Himiko’s prowess as a producer and musician as she dismantles traditional death metal to their base elements and reforms them with an electronic foundation that is all her own.
Track list:

  1. Fuel Rods Up Your Ass
  2. Slow Death
  3. End of Human Race
  4. Bleeding Soul, Bleeding Blood, Bleeding Heart
  5. Butchered, Mended, and Butchered Again
  6. Death Noise
  7. Eugenics, Mutation
  8. Manipulation
  9. Raped, Killed, and Raped Again
  10. Let Us Out
  11. Death Birth

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