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Hexheart - Midnight on a Moonless NightHexheart
Category: Darkwave / Synthpop
Album: Midnight on a Moonless Night
Blurb: God Module members Jasyn Bangert and Andrew Pearson take on a whole new and much more personal project, trading in their trademark harsh beats and vocals for a danceable darkwave sound.


Jasyn Bangert has been running God Module since 1999. In that time, the band has built up its reputation for horror themes, heavily distorted vocals, and heavy beats. But 18 years is a long time to stick to a theme, so it’s not surprising to see Bangert trying something new. Along with Andrew Pearson on keyboards and Patrick Hogan on guitar, the trio manages to create an authentic darkwave sound.

The album opener is “A Thousand Times,” which sets a template for the album with danceable beats, new wave synths, post-punk style guitars, and processed vocals. Pearson’s beats are a bit more modern and heavy and he keeps most of the synth work in an ‘80s style, but in songs like “Nothing” and “Stars in Your Eyes,” he lets some modern style electro slip through. Bangert’s vocals are still processed, but not to the extent of most God Module songs – you can still hear his whispering/singing through it all. His voice feels off in parts, sometimes with the timing, sometimes with the pitch. And with the same effect used on all of the tracks, the vocals start to sound somewhat flat, with the exception of “Falling,” which adds a nice touch of vocoders in the chorus to give more of a melodic punch. His lyrics are of the dark romantic variety and sound more like gothic than his previous work, but the thing that pulls the album together is Hogan’s guitar work. It is used sparingly, but it always adds right amount of color to each song. The album also includes a rather surprising cover of Harvey Danger’s underrated song “Problems and Bigger Ones,” which the band manages to turn it into a darkwave style ballad while remaining faithful to the original sound.

Hexheart is an interesting change for Bangert and Pearson and one that they put a lot of effort into. Fans of newer style darkwave will find a lot to like here, and while it’s not as black as Agent Dale Cooper’s coffee, from where the album gets its name, it does have its dark romantic charm.
Track list:

  1. A Thousand Times
  2. Nothing
  3. Stars In Your Eyes
  4. Falling
  5. Second Sight
  6. Problems and Bigger Ones
  7. Lunatix
  8. Hollywood
  9. Never Understand
  10. Faces

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