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Heimatærde - UnwesenHeimatærde
Category: Industrial/Folk
Album: Unwesen
Stars: 3.5
Blurb: For a sound that’s both old and new, regular and unique: Heimatærde.


Heimatærde continues forward with its unique blend of electro/industrial and medieval and anachronistic motifs and sounds. The solo project of DJ Ash (aka Ashlar von Megalon), Heimatærde presents their newest album Unwesen, mixing engaging dance music with haunting instrumentals, chant numbers, and deep voiceovers. While the instrumentation may not show much variety in spite of its unique ensemble, Unwesen is an engaging album full of enough dance and boom for a variety of fans.

The album can be broken down into two main categories: electro/industrial and atmospheric chant. The atmospheric chant songs serves as smooth intermissions between the heavier music, mixing deep voiceovers by Ashlar with underlying pulses of bass, light arpeggios, and low rumbling drums. The electro/industrial side of the album hits hard with driving beats and stabbing electronics, occasionally overlaid with harsh guitar riffs. The beat is staunchly club-oriented, pushing dance forward from “Gotteskrieger” to “Maarat an Numan” to “Gottgleich.” While it’s hard to have any objections with danceable club beats, lack of variation is never a good thing on an album. Included on this album are the tracks “Dark Dance” and “Malitia Angelica” from Heimatærde’s separate releases of the same names. The album version of “Dark Dance” attempts to blend all three variations on the EP into one overarching track; this gives the track much more complexity, though for some reason the quality on the vocals is worse than the EP versions. With “Malitia Angelica,” Heimatærde blows it out of the water with an excellent blend of medieval and modern, crafting a solid electronica ballad. Also, it’s worth pointing out how much the vocals of Ashlar on this song sound like Steve Naghavi of And One; a nice contrast to the typical harshness of vocals throughout the album.

Unwesen is an excellent follow-up to the singles that preceded it and a solid contribution to the Heimatærde discography. For a sound that’s both old and new, try Heimatærde.

Track list:

  1. Unwesen
  2. Gotteskrieger
  3. Niemals Mehr
  4. Gloria et Mort
  5. Dark Dance
  6. Der Erste
  7. Des Spielmanns Lied
  8. Stille
  9. Maarat an Numan
  10. Wie ein Tier
  11. Die Buerde
  12. Gottgleich
  13. Malitia Angelica
  14. Psalm 115

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