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Heimatærde - Malitia AngelicaHeimatærde
Category: Industrial/Folk
Album: Malitia Angelica
Stars: 3
Blurb: There’s not much to work with when there’s primarily one song, but Heimatærde works with what they’ve got very well.


Industrial/folk act Heimatærde pushes their electro/industrial, medieval, and anachronistic blend onward. Leading up to their album Unwesen, Heimataerde presents the single Malitia Angelica, a slice off one of the album’s better songs. Considering that the single is a whopping four tracks, three of which are variations on the title song, there isn’t much material to work with. But Heimatærde makes do with what they have, providing the title track on two polar axes and a third sitting right in the center.

“Malitia Angelica” is by far the standout track from the Unwesen album, and it most certainly deserves its own single. With a heavy drumbeat supported by haunting instrumentation, gritty effects, and sultry vocals (quite possibly in the style Steve Naghavi?), it’s sure to capture both fans and passers-by. As with “Dark Dance,” Heimatærde takes the major elements of “Malitia Angelica” and pulls them apart, creating two renditions, each centered on a different theme: one electronic, one more medieval. The drawback to these variations, though, is that they are shorter than the original version, and therefore make the original seem to drag out too long; these Aura Lusus and Silentium versions are to-the-point, engaging, and starkly unique from each other. The variations on the title track are accompanied by “Nichts ist Unvergenglich,” a fun track with a bouncing beat and gritty guitar runs.

It’s not a top-notch release, but Malitia Angelica is a good pass at a great song, keeping on the level of previous release, Dark Dance, and follow-up album, Unwesen. Pick up the Heimatærde trilogy of releases for a venture into a slightly different side of industrial.

Track list:

  1. Malitia Angelica (Aura Lusus)
  2. Malitia Angelica (Album)
  3. Nichts ist Unvergaenglich
  4. Malitia Angelica (Silentium)

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