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Heimatærde - GottgleichHeimatærde
Category: Electro / Industrial
Album: Gottgleich
Stars: 3
Blurb: Medieval electro/industrial returns with a solid but somewhat predictable album that satisfies, but doesn’t show much growth.


Mixing medieval and modern influences, the DJ Ash project returns with its latest combination of soft elegant harmonies and blasting dance floor beats. Unlike many DJ turned musician acts, Heimatærde does not simply produce DJ set filler and takes a unique and creative approach to its work to the point of incorporating its medieval influence into its live performances, donning armor, swords, shields, and looking like the Knights Templar of old.

Starting off with the rousing “Templerblut,” Heimatærde’s modus operandi is in full effect, very effectively incorporating medieval horn and percussion in with a bombastic electro/industrial dance track. “Zwischen den Stenen” shows the softer aspects of Heimatærde and gives the deep vocals of Ashlar von Megalon (DJ Ash’s pseudonym) a chance to shine despite the track itself not doing much to impress. Throughout, Heimatærde does an admirable job of balancing soft intimate tracks, its beat assault, and the ground in between. Tracks like “Outremer” offering serene, lovely reprieves leading into the aggressive tracks such as “Dein Opfer.” There are a few odd and interesting extra bits to be found like “Watch Auf,” which seems to very subtly work in some minor dubstep inspired wub to this complexly arranged track. “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen” is precisely what the title suggests – Heimatærde’s take on the classic Christmas carol, but despite something that seems destined to be awash in goofy and cheesy moments, with Heimatærde’s musical style, the track works exceptionally well and the layering of gritty guitar, synth, and medieval horn makes the song feel very appropriate rather than hokey.

With Gottgleich, Heimatærde absolutely proves that its gimmick is still mostly fresh and entertaining, but it is unfortunate that the status quo has mostly been maintained and not a lot of growth to the sound is to be found. This leads to some of the later parts of the album sounding a bit too familiar and not quite as engaging as the earlier tracks. However, this does not prevent the album as a whole from impressing. Fans that have enjoyed what they’ve heard so far are sure to still find much to love in Gottgleich, but one does have to wonder if Heimatærde is on the path of continuously releasing exciting innovative music, or if the band is simply going to rest on its laurels and release solid, yet predictable fair.
Track list:

  1. Der Weg
  2. Templerblut
  3. Diese Nacht
  4. Zwischen den Sternen
  5. Agnus Dei
  6. Wacht Auf
  7. God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
  8. Tief in Dir
  9. Outremer
  10. Dein Opfer
  11. Pilgerlied
  12. Al Naharot Bavel
  13. Allein
  14. Leise fliesst der Ebro

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