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Heimatærde - Dark Dance EP
Category: Industrial / Folk
Album: Dark Dance EP
Stars: 3
Blurb: A highly unique sound, blending old and new.


Heimatærde is the solo project of DJ Ash, blending modern electronic/industrial music with medieval and anachronistic motifs and sounds. Leading up to their newest album release is the Dark Dance EP, composed of various forms of the title track and additional songs to showcase the band’s individual sound.

Heimatærde presents three variations on the “Dark Dance” theme; each sound extremely similar to each other, save for minor changes in instrumentation, moving from a more renaissance/electro sound to an entirely electro/industrial presentation. The song itself is very catchy, with a solid club beat and strong synth stabs to carry the vocals forward. The drum and bass remains identical through all three versions though, making the variations (as previously stated) only minor. All three tracks are enjoyable, though one might hope for some more variation than a simple one instrument changeup when presenting three different mixes of a track.

The remaining half of the album continues to showcase Heimatærde’s hybrid style. The intro track “Taenzer der Nacht” layers deep voiced narration over tribal drumming, introducing the Dark Dance tracks; “Veni Veni Emmanuel” mixes danceable and dark drums and bass with ethereal, monastic chanting, very reminiscent of earlier artists E Nomine, while “Herr Mannelig” continues the steady club beat that has permeated the entire EP, mixing in the hybrid electro/renaissance sound with an electro/industrial base, carrying droning German lyrics.

Dark Dance is a solid lead-up to Heimatærde’s full-length album, presenting the band’s style to fans old and new in a small and enjoyable package.
Track list:

  1. Taenzer der Nacht
  2. Dark Dance (Medievalfloor)
  3. Veni Veni Emmanuel
  4. Dark Dance (Mainfloor)
  5. Herr Mannelig
  6. Dark Dance (Maschinenfloor)

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