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HECQ - Horror VacuiHECQ
Category: Ambient / Experimental / IDM
Album: Horror Vacui
Stars: 3.5
Blurb: Marching to the beat of no one else’s than his own, HECQ once again delivers a stimulating aural experience that will have electronic enthusiasts coming back for more.


Whether composing music or enriching video games, television, and films with lush soundscapes, there’s really no denying the level of uniqueness in the creations of the multitalented Ben Lukas Boysen. Environments laden with chilling drones, offbeat mechanical rhythms, and fragments of odd noise are very much at the core of his unparalleled style. Horror Vacui further explores his ever changing sonic deviations, making for some of the most densely textured, obscure worlds that are almost too advanced to categorize.

While the cover art may mislead newcomers of Boysen’s aesthetic, the serene environments in “Rec1” through “Flame II” introduce a slow, drifting-in-space kind of vibe that immediately reveals its intent. The still drone in “Rye” proves to be soothing while “DKmajestic” and “243p” explore a more upbeat funkiness with glitchy particles. Many of the sounds forged are quite bizarre, deeply interlaced into the moving fabric, taunting listeners to discover them with each subsequent listen. The track “Untitled” contains cold, eerie, and depressive tapestries, whereas the hopeful daze in “Uneven” and the brilliantly contemplative “Relay” counteract that and conclude the new material section quite well.

Horror Vacui also marks the 10 year anniversary of HECQ as a sound designer and composer, which is further celebrated with an array of remixes of earlier tracks. From Dean Rodell’s relentless “With Angels” interpretation to Roel Funcken’s experimental take of “The Descent” to Christoph Berg’s more melancholic rework of “Night Falls,” there’s an ample amount of variety to enjoy. Traversing avenues of drone all the way to dubstep, HECQ’s latest trek delivers a great example of abstract electronica.
Track list:

  1. Rec1
  2. Flame I
  3. Flame II
  4. Rye
  5. DKmajestic
  6. 243p
  7. Untitled
  8. Uneven
  9. Relay
  10. With Angels (Dean Rodell Remix)
  11. 0001 (Frank Riggio Remix)
  12. Come Home (Ben Lukas Boysen Version)
  13. The Descent feat. Nebulo (Roel Funcken Remix)
  14. Steeltongued (Si Begg Unreleased / Alternative Remix)
  15. Night Falls (Reworked By Christoph Berg)

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