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Hecate - Brew Hideous RemixesHecate
Category: Breakcore / Dark Ambient
Album: Brew Hideous Remixes
Stars: 4
Blurb: Vicious breakcore, dark ambient, and extreme metal come together in this demonic series of mash-ups from Hecate’s last release.


Rachael Kozak – a.k.a. Hecate – has been labeled the queen of breakcore and with good reason, holding the distinction of being the most prolific female producer of harsh electronic music. Throughout her career, she’s deconstructed the genre lines and punished speakers and eardrums with her arresting form of frantic breaks and dark electronic with heavy doses of IDM and extreme metal for good measure. Always one to explore the frayed edges of sexuality and the occult, her Brew Hideous album was a finely crafted amalgam of all of her talents and fantastical conjuring of audio sex magick. While remaining active in various other exploits, including collaborating with Austrian death metallers Belphegor on four albums, Brew Hideous Remixes marks her first release as Hecate since 2006. Unlike most remix EPs, what is presented here is a virulent and venomous series of mash-ups as each remixes not a single track but mutilates and manipulates various elements throughout the whole album. It would be useless to try to dissect each interpretation for the individual track components as each of her cohorts infuses a fair helping of their own vicious ingredients.

Amboss begins the proceedings on “Tooth of Inquisition” with the distant sound of a Church bell sardonically underscoring a reverberating satanic invocation. Suddenly, a violent burst of breakbeats explodes through the speakers with Kozak’s monstrous screams soaring above, a bass-ridden feedback creating a blistering ambience that threatens to destroy your sound system. In stark contrast, Slutmachine’s “Kiss of Death” is a much more somber affair, as glitches of electronic noise subtly play against Kozak’s malevolent incantations. A thrum of distorted bass and then a melodramatic pipe organ enter like a procession signaling the coming of the audio prince of darkness, a mélange of moderately paced beats and breakcore noise eventually coming in to play soundtrack to apocalypse. “Secret Ingredient” by Vile Enginez steadily builds upon the numerous layers of gritty black metal guitars, pummeling through with an assault of speedy breaks, making for perhaps the noisiest and fastest track on the EP. Closing us out is White Darkness’ “Dysfuntion,” which builds a despairing and harrowing atmosphere from one of the more discernibly musical moments of the album – a thrashing guitar riff, repeated and effected that it barely registers as more than a distorted pad-like quality. A section of cello-like bass and decrepit pianos appear, adding to the sonic bleakness as Leech’s guest vocals from “Trial by Ordeal” scream into the ether, bringing Brew Hideous Remixes to a strangely but appropriately abrupt conclusion.

Those unaccustomed to the abysmal and brutal sonic palette that Hecate and her associates present will likely be unprepared for, and perhaps even repelled by what Brew Hideous Remixes has to offer. It represents a diversity of atmospheric exploration that she has always infused into her music. But listeners should make no mistake; this is Hecate at her hardest and darkest and without already possessing an ear for frantic breakcore or extreme music, Brew Hideous Remixes will be a furiously jarring experience. With the EP released in vinyl and digital formats via Ad Noiseam, plans are apparently in place for the EP’s content to be featured in a special edition of Brew Hideous on Hecate’s own Zhark label. May whatever god you believe in have mercy on you because Hecate shows none.
Track list:

  1. Tooth of Inquisition (Amboss Remix)
  2. Kiss of Death (Slutmachine Remix)
  3. Secret Ingredient (Vile Enginez Remix)
  4. Dysfunction (White Darkness Remix)

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