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Head-Less - Imperfect: [Mensch]
Category: Electro / Futurepop
Album: Imperfect: [Mensch]
Stars: 3
Blurb: Combination of pop melodies and industrial beats has flashes of genius but doesn’t quite get off the ground.


Head-Less offers a pleasant mix of melodic pop and heavy industrial, but the solid yet repetitive songs on this album never quite get off the ground. “Burning,” an otherwise interesting track with an excellent combination of bright synths, hard fuzz beats, and strong vocals, is held back by a static rhythm and too many electronic sound effects. “Punish Your Head” is similarly hindered by static, muted beats on top of a catchy melody with a pulsing synth and good drumbeat. On “Down Memory Lane,” the sudden rhythmic shifts and plodding background noise bring down the lovely electro ballad in the chorus. The spoken vocals in the verses and sung chorus never mix, giving the impression that two very different songs were thrown together. “Forgiving” faces a similar problem; it features a soft, slow atmospheric background under a perfect crescendo of harder beats, but the vocal track seems out of place. Both the vocals and instrumental elements sound good, but they don’t blend together.

The group shows potential in two bright spots. “You” has a deep electro beat pulsing throughout that gives the impression of building to something big, the kind of song that would get people out on the dance floor, but doesn’t get there due to more static and muted rhythms. The final minute of this five-minute track shows what it should have been all along: heavy, driving, with the perfect mix of melody, hard industrial, and substantial vocals. The almost new wave guitar on “The Deep Inside” shows a new dimension, crossed nicely with light synths and fuzzy beats. The fast drums and echoing synth turn it into another solid industrial pop song, although, like “You,” it lacks the harder edge to make it a club classic.

Head-Less offers strong vocals, intriguing lyrics (“Awaiting pleasure in the burning atmosphere” on “Burning”), and a keen ear for melody. They could be something truly great if they would allow the songs to build rather than remain trapped in muted beats and repetitive pop.

Track list:

  1. Contrapunkt
  2. Punish Your Head
  3. Burning
  4. We Stand In Hope
  5. Dialoque
  6. Als Ich Fortging
  7. Forgiving
  8. You
  9. Down Memory Lane
  10. The Deep Insight

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