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Haujobb - Dead MarketHaujobb
Category: Industrial / Electro
Album: Dead Market
Stars: 2.5
Blurb: Two new songs offering a preview of the first new Haujobb album in over five years offset by some rather subpar remixes.


It has been several years since we’ve heard from Haujobb, although Daniel Myer has in the interim released a plethora of material with such groups as Destroid, Covenant, and his own Architect project. Still, with Myer’s focus being shifted to these other outlets and the absence of cohort Dejan Samardzic on the band’s last tour in 2007, it seemed questionable at best whether Haujobb would ever return. Signing to post-industrial label Tympanik Audio and releasing the Dead Market single, the silence has been broken and Haujobb returns with its signature brand of intricate programming, bleak atmosphere, and subtle melody. “Dead Market” is everything a Haujobb fan could want, as an ominous throbbing bass drives an understated martial beat and shimmering electro loop, Myer’s monotonic vocals hovering above the mix and leading into a threatening chorus of ascending bass lines and distorted mechanical ambience that recalls Ultra-era Depeche Mode. The same can be said for the extended remix, which emphasizes the beats to give the track a more aggressive feel, along with additional focus on the song’s heavier sound elements making for a much more industrial version. Of the following remixes, few are particularly noteworthy aside from Nomenklatür’s and Absolute Body Control’s takes on the song, both transforming it into a trancelike pulse of old-school EBM that is sure to please those on the dance floor. Exes’ version deviates very little from the original, merely offering a different arrangement that does little more than to fill out the tracks on the disc, while The Horrorist’s mix is unusually sparse and spacious; interesting on its own, but again falls short of adding to the whole. The Engineer’s Dub mix lives up to its name as it recalls the dub mixes of the ‘80s, while the Nightmare version of “Letting the Demons Sleep” (the original version featured only on the band’s SoundCloud page) is chockfull of signature Haujobb sounds with its robotic vocal effects and menacing ambience offset by powerful beats that sound as if produced on vintage equipment. Indeed, the whole of the Dead Market single has a very old-school feel that marginally clashes with Haujobb’s very distinctive style, making one wonder if Myer and Samardzic were trying to offer a modern take on classic forms or were simply bereft of a more diverse palette of sounds and appropriate remixers. Not to disparage any who contributed to the single, but with “Dead Market” and “Letting the Demons Sleep” both offering a nice teaser of what New World March may have in store and then juxtaposed with some less-than-stellar remixes, a little more variety would have been preferable.
Track list:

  1. Dead Market
  2. Dead Market (Extended Remix)
  3. Dead Market (The Horrorist Remix)
  4. Dead Market (Exes Remix)
  5. Letting the Demons Sleep (Nightmare)
  6. Dead Market (Nomenklatür Remix)
  7. Dead Market (Absolute Body Control Remix)
  8. Dead Market (Engineer’s Dub)

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