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Hatesex - A Savage Cabaret, She Said
Category: Gothic / Darkwave
Album: A Savage Cabaret, She Said
Stars: 4
Blurb: Hatesex’s latest release could be a cornerstone in the future of dark gothic music.


A Savage Cabaret, She Said is the sophomore release from Los Angeles band Hatesex. In keeping with traditional gothic rock sounds, Hatesex are slowly building momentum in Europe and elsewhere with their ethereal and melodic soundscapes that recall the heyday of early dark rock music.

Beginning with a brief and innocuous intro track, “The Savage Cabaret of Sins,” Hatesex sets a tone of timelessness, using vinyl record static and accordion accompaniment to create an unsettling atmosphere. With “A Rose Without Eyes,” the band bursts into a colorful mélange of dreamy vocals, bright guitars, and pounding percussion, with what may be the album’s most gratifying song. Krisanna Marie’s singing style is particularly showcased here. Reminiscent of Caroline Seamon of ‘80s act Heavenly Bodies, Marie sings with a seductive and almost metallic quality that’s immediately hypnotizing. Marie’s voice alone may be Hatesex’s most important instrument.

Other tracks, such as “The Kiss of Melancholy” and “The Red Curtain Masquerade” reinforce the band’s ethereal rock roots, but they don’t quite achieve the magic of “A Rose Without Eyes.” Even so, A Savage Cabaret does display a healthy dose of variety. “Throe II” is an instrumental featuring synthetic chimes that neatly configures the record into a “Side A” and “Side B,” while the song “I Am” is a demonstration of Frank the Baptist singer Frank Vollmann’s vocal styling. With “Darling Divanora” Hatesex’s sound deviates from their predominately organic sound and craft a piece dominated by keyboards and other synthetic elements that would find itself perfectly at home on a Collide record. A Savage Cabaret soon wraps up with a reprise of their introductory track which serves as a book end to the collection.

While the album doesn’t appear to have been recorded and mixed with the cleanest results in mind, this approach works perfectly for the band as it entices the listener to recall the sights and sounds of the early gothic rock scene. Overall, this is one of the better records of this nature to come along in some time. Fans of Sisters of Mercy, Siouxie and the Banshees, or other similar artists will want to make some room on their shelves for this release.

Track list:

  1. The Savage Cabaret of Sins (Fragment)
  2. A Rose Without Eyes
  3. Operetta No. 19
  4. Wanderlust
  5. The Red Curtain Masquerade
  6. Throe II
  7. The Necrokiss of Melancholy
  8. I Am
  9. Darling Divanora
  10. The Forest of I
  11. The Savage Cabaret of Sins (Reprise)

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  1. Benn Ra says:

    Thanks for the great review. One Correction: I am not the vocalist on “I Am”. That voice belongs to Frank Vollmann from Frank The Baptist. I wish I could sing like him.. hahaha

    Thanks again,


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