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Harmonious bec - Her Strange Dreams
Harmonious bec
Category: Electronica
Album: Her Strange Dreams
Stars: 3.5
Blurb: Glitchy, eclectic, and strangely harmonic, Her Strange Dreams is exactly what the title would imply, a collection of music created to inspire a mind’s journey through darkness.


There isn’t much information about Harmonious bec on the internet, just a neglected Facebook group and a brief bio on the Monotreme Records website. According to the bio, Harmonious bec is a duo comprised of two Japanese electronic composers who go by the names ZaMaRoo and From Vapor to Water. However, if you do a search on those two, you won’t find much more; just a few songs on SoundCloud and a couple of underutilized MySpace pages. Very mysterious. Yet, the quality of their first (only?) album, Her Strange Dreams gives the impression that the men behind the music are not destined to fade away like plumes of smoke in a little girl’s dream.

Her Strange Dreams plays like the soundtrack to a series of computer animated short films, each piece syncing perfectly with a scene the listener just can’t see. “Giantland” features a subdued drumbeat and an electronic wind effect leaving your mind to fill in the enormous scenery and maybe add a few roaming behemoths. “Funny Hierophant” brings to mind the image of a madly spinning zealot surrounding by a laughing crowd of onlookers. The frantic pace of “In the Bright Oval” plays like a time lapse playback of a busy street scene populated by ants in cars and sped up to its maximum speed. The most noteworthy piece is “Progress.” Of the 11 tracks, this alone is the most likely to be heard in a club. A progressive rhythm and glitchy vocals race along beautifully highlighting what may be a mind’s flight or the evolution of the universe. It’s a very strong piece. “Falling Ash Plume” feels the most organic of the bunch with its slowness and very mild distortion.

Harmonious bec has created an album nearly as mysterious as its composers. Beautiful harmonies layered with glitches, mild distortion, and energetic effects play with the mind, conjuring colorful scenes and heroic characters. Like a soundtrack to a night of restless dreams or a collection of creative short films, this music was meant to be paired with creativity.

Track list:

  1. Giantland
  2. Funny Hierophant
  3. In The Bright Oval
  4. Shunrai
  5. Progress
  6. Cryptomeria Rain
  7. Falling Ash Plume
  8. Planet S
  9. Arms Girl
  10. Solitary Bonze Prayer
  11. Asahigaoka

Harmonious bec Facebook
Harmonious bec SoundCloud
Monotreme Records Website

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