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Hardwire - InsurrectionHardwire
Category: Industrial / Metal
Album: Insurrection
Stars: 4
Blurb: Hardwire may use all the familiar elements found throughout industrial/metal, but do so with such precision and conviction, that what’s left is a highly enjoyable record.


It’s been said that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Such is the case with Insurrection, the newest effort from Arizona’s Hardwire. Throughout the album, the band utilizes elements that have been heard countless times – buzz-saw precise guitars, sample heavy programming wizardry, and highly distorted vocals that range on topics such as war and inequality are all present. Insurrection doesn’t provide the listener with anything new or groundbreaking, but what the band may lacks in innovation, it more than makes up for in presentation.

Epic brass instrumentation kicks off Insurrection on a high note, building tension and suspense to the breaking point when the punishing four-on-the-floor beat of “Stand and Cower” kicks in. Intricate guitar work similar to the style used in KMFDM is featured on numerous tracks, most notably “Plague,” “Expired,” and the blistering “Burn It Down,” which could easily be mistaken for a long lost track from KMFDM’s Angst-era. As if utilizing a similar aural aesthetic wasn’t enough, “God Help Us All” features a guest appearance from none other than En Esch of KMFDM and Slick Idiot fame, which further strengthens the strains of influence that persist throughout. “Taste of Flesh” sees the band unplugging the guitars and turning up the synths, the result of which is a breakneck electro masterpiece that showcases Hardwire’s proficiency with programming. The haunting “Lust for Pain” is an absolute gem of an EBM song, with sounds reminiscent of early electronic pioneer Gary Numan. Hardwire slams down on the gas pedal once again with “This Virus,” which ramps up the electro intensity before closing out the album with the punishing “Time Bomb,” replete with Ministry-esque intensity that’s sure to inspire moshpits every time it’s played live.

Normally, the blatant use of another band’s style would be distracting, if not downright irritating. That being said, Hardwire never comes across as a nostalgia trip, or worse yet, a cover band. Granted, the band may use many of the same elements that launched the careers of industrial luminaries such as KMFDM and Ministry, but they do so with such precision and conviction that the tendency to borrow is largely forgiven. While imitation pervades throughout the album, ultimately, it’s inconsequential. Hardwire certainly isn’t venturing into new sonic territory, but with Insurrection, the band has created a thoroughly enjoyable industrial/metal record.
Track list:

  1. Stand and Cower
  2. Plague
  3. God Help Us All (feat. En Esch)
  4. Taste of Flesh
  5. Expired
  6. No Regret
  7. Lust for Pain
  8. Deceit
  9. Burn It Down
  10. This Virus
  11. Time Bomb

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