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Hanzel und Gretyl - Hanzel und Gretyl für ImmerHanzel und Gretyl
Genre: Industrial / Metal
Album: Hanzel und Gretyl für Immer
Stars: 3.5
Blurb: Hanzel und Gretyl makes another Hitler to make critics führerious.


Everyone’s favorite faux German anglophile blasphemer act Hanzel und Gretyl is back with Hanzel und Gretyl für Immer, a remix follow up to the aptly titled 2012 album, Born to be Heiled. HuG has long been known for its rambunctious cacophonies of sound loosely defined as music, often having appealed to a distinguished but limited audience of people who love Nazi propaganda but also feel like American metal isn’t irritating enough to be used as torture for prisoners of the war on terror. Fortunately for this particular demographic, Hanzel und Gretyl isn’t sleeping on the job.

The album opens with the remix of a song that can be assumed as a tribute to White Zombie, titled “More German than German.” While filled with more elements than a bag of trail mix, the element that really stands out is the rap composition (with accompanying samples), which words can’t accurately describe, but in the hands of a black metal/doom metal/industrial/electro band like HuG, it turns out to be a refreshing stroke of genius. The compositions of some songs are simply beyond human comprehension, but still challenge your brain to its mortal limits. You’ll be hard pressed to find the standard verse, chorus, or bridge in most songs; any semblance of a song was long since scrambled unrecognizable before you were served this dish of electronic sauerkraut. But when you finally hear the track repeat, it’s like the visit from a long lost friend.

The first standout track is “Bliztkriegerz und Hellriderz.” It has all the elements of an instant industrial classic; voice samples, a guitar broken to the beat of the song, a repeated vocal line set to the rhythm of the song, an arpeggiated synth line sleek beyond words, and perfectly placed stutter effects. Whatever else happens in this track is strictly icing on the cake. The synths of Hanzel und Gretyl für Immer sound as though forged in the pit of Hellheim itself, released back to Earth as the final soundtrack to Ragnarök. They range from grinding mechanical tones to effects that belong on a spaceship, the modulations sounding like 10 things happening at once (perhaps a microcosm of Hanzel und Gretyl’s music itself). Even the ornamentation and accenting of wailing sirens and lasers seem to conform to some unheard polyrhythm that drives the track in three directions at once. There never seems too many or too few of these affects. Perhaps there’s no song key to speak of, but if there was, your brain would never have time to parse it anyway. The distorted breakbeats are reminiscent of old-school rap (a favorite of many industrial aficionados), the syncopation both futuristic and foreboding, but simultaneously retro. They never seem oddly placed, always so perfectly fitting within the song, only shedding away for straight beats in the more metal-inspired songs. While one would have a hard time classifying this as dance music, you could easily see these songs played on the floor of the most snobbish goth clubs.

Diehard fans of Hanzel und Gretyl will simply find this as a continuation of an excellent discography that never seems to wane and fans of the bands typical to Metropolis will probably miserably scoff, “If only their full-length albums sounded so good.” In either case, this album is likely to stand the test of time and delight the ears of anyone who dares to listen. For the fans of Metropolis who don’t find metal to be their cup of tea, this album shows enormous promise for the more electronic future of KyzrWolf.
Track list:

  1. More German than German (KyzrWolf Remix)
  2. Unterstützung 87 (KyzrWolf Remix)
  3. Blitzkriegerz und Hellriderz (KyzrWolf Remix)
  4. Hammerzeit (KyzrWolf Remix)
  5. Der Furor (KyzrWolf Remix)
  6. Born to be Heiled (KyzrWolf Remix)
  7. Holy Shiza (KyzrWolf Remix)
  8. Mötorschwein (KyzrWolf Remix)
  9. I’m Movin’ to Deutschland (KyzrWolf Remix)
  10. IrönStar Outlaws (KyzrWolf Remix)
  11. Hanzel und Gretyl für Immer (KyzrWolf Remix)

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