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Hanetration - Torn Heat EPHanetration
Category: Ambient / Experimental
Album: Torn Heat EP
Stars: 3
Blurb: This EP is not as fluid as Hanetration’s preceding release, but it is well crafted and carries the same amalgam of resonance and drone.


The Torn Heat EP is Hanetration’s second release from 2012. It is less polished than the UK act’s previous release, Tenth Oar, yet each song on the album has more stylistic variety.

The most melodic track is “Splinter.” The first three minutes of the song are reminiscent of “Dominoes” by Shudder to Think, only Hanetration’s variation is rawer and sounds as if it were performed on extremely dusty instruments; a unique quality to the unrefined and gritty piece. The latter half of the song dissolves into a chaotic static, a muddy creek of white noise. The following track, “Sixth” is rather avant-garde; it is solely an electronic keyboard’s composition of melancholic notes. “Flicker” is a continuous boom of erratic clamor similar to what planets sound like when picked up by scientific equipment on Earth.

While Hanetration remains nearly anonymous, it would be interesting to learn about what inspired this album and the Tenth Oar EP. They are both intelligent compositions, but remain a mystery to listeners.
Track list:

  1. Jurassic
  2. Splinter
  3. Sixth
  4. Flicker

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Claire Caldwell (DisarmAndCharm)

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