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Gutter Gloss - Incurable DepreciationGutter Gloss
Category: Electro
Album: Incurable Depreciation
Stars: 2.5
Blurb: A scathing blend of catchy electro-pop stylings and hardcore screaming vocals, making for a combination whose success is up to the listener to decide.


Combining dark synthpop and electro with metal and hardcore vocals might sound like the standard formula for what has comprised much of the harsh EBM and pseudo-industrial scene in the past few years, but Norfolk, VA’s Gutter Gloss seems determined to carve a whole new niche within these parameters. Having self-released a number of EPs and singles, Incurable Depreciation is the band’s latest offering of this very particular blend of styles.

With the layers of Thomas Duerig’s danceable beats and melodic electro sequences and Joshua Fitzwater’s maniacal screamo vocals, there is an immediately whimsical quality akin to The Gothsicles or Caustic given the almost divergent nature of the music. This follows with “Time Stops” and “Anything Better to Do?,” both pulsating with sharp progressions of danceable electro, the latter featuring some dubstep-inspired warbles for a nice flavor, while the title track features some stomping beats and the gritty shouts of Matt McClure, vocalist for fellow Norfolk industrial act [0PT-0UT], to add a smarmy political tone to the lyrics. There’s an incendiary quality to the mix of hardcore shouts and gritty but ultimately clean and pop-friendly electro that some, including this writer, may find disconcerting and not entirely pleasant… but that as well as the band’s sense of conventional abandon may be Gutter Gloss’ point of distinction.

The album includes several remixes, beginning with Andrew Scott’s version of “The Brand,” with a stomping beat and a catchy, dirty bass line that combined with the glitch effects on the vocals makes for a rather striking track. Of the two remixes of “Your Wake in Porcelain,” the Sliced & Stitched mix by Vålnad is perhaps the more interesting with its viciously spastic arrangement and oddly creepier atmosphere, while Paul Casper’s Seeing Red mix is standard dark club fare. The Little Black Rain Clouds version of “Honest Hands” opts for a more industrial beat driven version with chugging guitar samples and some excellent vocoder effects, while DJ Last Year’s Of Nightmares mix offers a hybrid of danceable club and dubstep. Similarly, DJ Last Year combines some EDM stylings on the Intestate mix of “Paroxysm,” while the album ends with Hindu Pez’s speedy, aggressively eerie, and expectedly loud – seriously, the track seems mixed in such a way that it stands above the rest in volume – Seared Flesh mix of the title track.

Credit must be given to the brazen and unapologetic blend of styles that Gutter Gloss explores, challenging listeners’ limits with music that is by all rights instantly appealing, but with vocals of a very different nature. It’s not a formula that necessarily works, but as Gutter Gloss launches full speed ahead with it on Incurable Depreciation, the band seems to make it work in spite of that. As a result, the album is likely to upset or even anger many who hear it, and Gutter Gloss will likely enjoy that response.
Track list:

  1. Substance
  2. Time Stops
  3. Incurable Depreciation (feat. Matt McClure)
  4. Anything Better to Do
  5. The Brand (Andrew Scott Mix)
  6. Your Wake in Porcelain (Paul Casper Seeing Red Mix)
  7. Honest Hands (L.B.R.C. Mix)
  8. Honest Hands (DJ Last Year Of Nightmares Mix)
  9. Your Wake in Porcelain (Vålnad Sliced & Stitched Mix)
  10. Paroxysm (DJ Last Year Intestate Mix)
  11. Incurable Depreceation (Hindu Pez Seared Flesh Mix)

Gutter Gloss Facebook http://www.facebook.com/guttergloss
Gutter Gloss Bandcamp http://guttergloss.bandcamp.com
Ilker Yücel (Ilker81x)

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