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Guild - Pages Torn from My Robot ManifestoGuild
Category: Electro / Rock / New Wave
Album: Pages Torn from My Robot Manifesto
Stars: 3
Blurb: The debut album from this new Texas trio demonstrates that Guild has the chops to measure up to others in the genre, full of bouncy yet gritty and overall catchy songs.


Hailing from San Antonio and featuring CHANT live member Kristopher Robin, Guild delivers a jolt of robotic rock & roll energy on the band’s debut album. Full of electronic textures, raw but tight percussion, and guitars that ring and chime to grittily ambient effect, the band’s music is perhaps best described as modern new wave with a healthy dose of alt. rock for good measure. Complete with Richard Evan’s slightly unhinged, somewhat dirty, but still melodic vocals, Pages Torn from my Robot Manifesto sounds exactly as one would expect from such a title. One need look no further than the glitchy 8-bit video game samples sprinkled throughout a track like “Digital Frak!,” all the while the bouncy rhythms and only vaguely auto-tuned vocals giving the song a hint of upbeat post-punk style. Similarly, the grinding riffs and steely synth sounds atop Robin’s steady, straightforward beat complements the whimsically juvenile vocoder-laden lyrics of “I Want to be a Robot” quite nicely, while “Spring Broke” aims right for the dance floor with rapid fire vocals and a consistently catchy beat and bass line, the tinny pianos accentuating the melody quite well. Other songs like “Satellite Relay,” “Louder Than Words,” and “Dave Bowman,” while no less striking are perhaps better suited for modern indie rock given the heavier emphasis on distorted guitar riffs and forcefully soaring choruses, while “Dancing in the Rain” makes for a lush and uplifting closing before the outro of “In the End,” the skittering electronics playing well with shimmering guitars and Evans’ emotive vocals. Throughout Pages Torn from My Robot Manifesto is a distinctly radio-friendly vibe as each song does little to challenge the listener beyond its electronic textures and layers of guitar and synth creating an occasionally overwhelming but overall pleasant electro/rock vibe. Fans of the likes of Battle Tapes or even Julien-K will surely find much to enjoy from Guild’s debut album, and the Texas trio certainly demonstrates that it has the chops to measure up to others in the genre, if not necessarily surpass them; perhaps future releases will find the band pulling a few surprises and taking things into more diverse and adventurous directions. Until then, Pages Torn from my Robot Manifesto is a fine introduction to this lively new act.
Track list:

  1. In the Beginning
  2. I Want to be a Robot
  3. Ideal Warfare
  4. Digital Frak!
  5. Satellite Relay
  6. Spring Broke
  7. What Is a Heart for
  8. I Walk These Streets Alone
  9. Dave Bowman
  10. Better than You
  11. Louder Than Words
  12. Dancing in the Rain
  13. In the End

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