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Grendel - Timewave : ZeroGrendel
Category: Industrial / Electro
Album: Timewave : Zero
Stars: 4
Blurb: A mash of science fiction and revolution combined with aggressive melodies, powerful bass lines, and programming that invades like an unrelenting alien fleet.


Dutch industrial powerhouse act Grendel are veterans of the electronic music scene, having been active since roughly 2001 and now in 2012, they rip open a wormhole to the future with their latest offering Timewave : Zero. If you’re a fan of previous Grendel offerings, you’ll feel right at home as the band has taken everything you’ve known of them and augmented it with more upgrades than a giant robot. However, if you’re new to the group, you’ve picked the perfect project to jump on board with.

Timewave : Zero is opened up with the epic track “Rise,” with movie like background pads, orchestral keys that creep up throughout the song, and the grainy news report like clippings at its beginning seconds, this track sucks you into the world of the album. Grendel kicks things into high gear with “Conflict Instigation,” starting off with static like keys and then slamming the listener into a brick wall of bass and drums to go along with the harsh and cyber effected vocals. “Wheels in Motion” is a surefire club destroyer with its ultra catchy dark synth keys, ambient background keys, steady monster bass, and unstoppable pounding drums, anyone able to sit through this song is either a corpse or unable to hear it. Regardless, this track should be on every club’s dance list. One of the album’s most notable tracks is “Out of My Mind,” which sounds like a sci-fi battle song or a chase scene from outer space, up-tempo and full of personality, the vocals really shine here, especially during the song’s chorus that most will have trouble not singing along with. Another album standout is instrumental track “Neon City Lights,” another monster club track that is masterfully put together from synths to drums, you’ll hear it long after its near eight minute play time is up.

Grendel’s only real misstep with Timewave : Zero is perhaps “Deep Waters,” which is in no way, shape, or form an awful song but the vocals are a bit poppy and seem almost out of place. However, the instrumentation is arguably just as good as the other tracks, though not as harsh and a bit more subdued. The album ends with “Fall” and just like its epic opener “Rise,” this tracks closes out Timewave : Zero on a deep and thoughtful instrumental note. Grendel has whipped up its most potent project yet with an engrossing set of instrumentation, excellent harsh vocals, and melodies you may not be able to erase. This one should not be missed.
Track list:

  1. Rise
  2. Conflict Instigation
  3. Timewave : Zero
  4. EPR // EDP
  5. Wheels in Motion
  6. Out of My Mind
  7. Deep Waters
  8. Neon City Lights
  9. Chemicals + Circuitry [v. 2012]
  10. Fall

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  1. Luke says:

    Album of the year, in my opinion…

    • Damian G. says:

      We will have to continue this topic in a few months Luke;) Timewave: Zero definitely is a pounding, energetic release. I felt though that Grendel could push towards innovation just a bit more- ‘Rise’ and ‘Fall’ bookend the whole record well and I missed their movie-like scope throughout the record.

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