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Grausame Töchter - Mein Eigentliches ElementGrausame Töchter
Category: Industrial / Noise / Punk / EBM
Album: Mein Eigentliches Element
Stars: 4.5
Blurb: A creatively sexy and seductive blend of wild industrial noises that rip through conventions and taboos.


Are you ready to be seduced and pulled into something that you won’t be able to escape? If so, you are prepared to listen to the Aranea Peel founded project Grausame Töchter and the album she brings, Mein Eigentliches Element. A wild, industrial noise filled and punk influenced EBM sound emanates from this album and everything from Aranea’s seductive vocals to the bass lines come together very well and make for a fantastic and highly creative collection of songs that will suck you in immediately. With imagery of bondage and sadomasochism at its core, you’re brought into a world most likely unlike any other and Mein Eigentliches Elements does a great job of presenting you with the bizarrely beautiful and the wildly abnormal. Listening here, it’s best to check your inhibitions at the door.

Mien Eigentliches Elements begins with the anthemic “Untergang,” a very catchy song with militaristic drums and seductive vocals, guaranteed by the end to have you chanting along with the vocals. Following is the fast paced “Mephisto,” which thumps along with a vicious bass line and has eerie ambient sounds in the background as well. “Beleidigte Engel” slows down the pace and lets Aranea do what she does best, which is to pull you vocally into the song with her sultry delivery, and here it is on full display along with great slow paced bass and industrial noises. Grausame Töchter also has a ton of music prepared for dance floors such as the fast and ultra catchy “Bis Das Blut Fliesst,” a song that belongs in any local goth or fetish club’s playlist, while “Freundin” has the same quality with ominous violins and high energy vocals to go along with its lightning like instrumentation. “Wie Eine Schlange” sounds like something out of a haunted house full of ghosts having sex across the halls and is a thrill to listen to, while immediately following is “Libestod,” a song that boasts more fantastic bass and some melodic singing in the tune of the graveyard symphony. “Drecksau” has instrumentation that you will be forced to hum for the rest of the day and has more of the vocal seduction that has lulled you this far into the album and leads you directly into “Mein Messer,” an 11 minute trip into your wildest, strangest, and darkest fantasies. Listening to this song with an open mind will definitely make its playtime come and go like it never happened and while many bands fail to make songs this long compelling, it works well here. Album ender “Warum Nur” brings you to the end of your wild journey and does so with a bang. At this point, you will have been horrified and run away from the entire album or will have seen what it has to offer and fallen in love with it.

Grausame Töchter has built a monster with this album. Powerful bass with seductive and catchy vocals that bounce from punk to melodic singing make this album a winner and a definite pickup for anyone open minded enough to get into it. Where repetition ruins some albums and songs, this one never lets anything go on too long, keeping the listener from getting bored. Give Mein Eigentliches Element a listen and prepare for a wild ride.
Track list:

  1. Untergang
  2. Mephisto
  3. Beleidigte Engel
  4. Bis Das Blut Fliesst
  5. Freundin
  6. Wie Eine Schlange
  7. Liebestod
  8. Drecksau
  9. Mein Messer
  10. Warum Nur

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