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Grains of Sound
Category: Electronica
Album: Sine Language
Stars: 4
Blurb: Three volumes, three hours, three distinct styles, all coming together into an energetic package of ambient psy-trance that will keep you dancing and tripping.

Already demonstrating a propensity for dance floor-friendly beats and bass lines, the Sevanick brothers – Jason and Chris – began Grains of Sound an alternative to the more EBM/rock flavor of Mindless Faith. Focusing more on transcendental ambience and dreamily infectious psy-trance grooves, Grains of Sound’s music is just the kind of electronic trip one’s mind can take when ingesting a good dose of psychedelics. With this three-volume Sine Language set, released solely through the band’s own AlterCulture imprint, listeners are sure to lose themselves just easily if the music were blasting oCover Imageut the club speakers or through their headphones.

Across three volumes equating to over three hours of music, it’s perhaps for the best that Grains of Sound offered the option to purchase the set separately or as a single package. As well, each of the three volumes presents the different modes to Grains of Sound’s style; the Up disc is pure psy-trance intended for pure beat-driven ecstasy, while the Down disc takes a more laidback character with slower rhythms more akin to downtempo breaks and chilled out dub, with the Under disc being the most organic and ambient of the three volumes. More than a few tracks recur throughout Sine Language as different mixes are presented to make for a bombastic and dynamic listening experience; perfect for DJs wishing to expand their set lists, as well as offering an insight into the Sevanick brothers’ innate musical abilities. For instance, the original mix of “Ancient Ocean” begins the entire collection with a bang, immediately enticing with its warbling synths and head-bopping trance arpeggios complete with a bouncing beat that is impossible not to dance to. In contrast, the Cetacea mix of the song dispenses with the beats to focus on the track’s inherent ambience befitting a journey into the aquatic depths. Similarly, the title track “Sine Language” begins with a slow buildup of ethereal ambient passages and a mild repeating guitar melody that bring to mind images of nature at its most primordial before that quintessential trance beat kicks in. The Cosmic Clock mix reduces the beat to a slow tempo, the resulting percussive bedrock bearing a resemblance to some tribally influenced IDM, while the Lucid Fusion mix is pure atmosphere, concluding with samples of chanting.Cover Image

Unlike many bands that incorporate different musical elements and weave them together into a huge pot in hopes that fans will appreciate the mix, Grains of Sound’s approach allows listeners to revel simply in whatever mood and style that suits them. All the while, Jason and Chris do not sacrifice their musical ingenuity, infusing each track with melodies that are easily digestible but do not lose interest with repeated playback, guaranteeing that the audience will come back for more and hear something new each time. This writer is admittedly not a fan of psy-trance, but Sine Language offers up so much atmospheric intrigue that one merely has to sit back and take the trip… and what an enjoyable trip it is.


Track list:
Disc 1 – Up

  1. Ancient Ocean
  2. Boomshanka
  3. Pacifica (Northern Lights Mix)
  4. Siamese Twilight (Perpetual Dawn Mix)
  5. Ultraviolet (Sunrise Mix)
  6. The Psyentific Method (Megadose Mix)
  7. Sine Language
  8. Turkish Delight
  9. Low Earth Orbit (Sonic Boom Mix)
  10. Seekers of Scrolls (Annunaki Mix)

Disc 2 – Down

  1. Pacifica
  2. Trees Tell Me Their Secrets
  3. Better Living Through Chemistry
  4. Sine Language (Cosmic Clock Mix)
  5. The Psyentific Method (100mg Mix)
  6. Booming Dunes (Down mix)
  7. Above from Below
  8. Auxigen
  9. The Way In to the Way Out (Out Mix)
  10. Lithosphere

Disc 3 – Under

  1. Above from Below (Fractal Mix)
  2. High Tide
  3. Quantum Consciousness
  4. Ancient Ocean (Cetacea Mix)
  5. The Psyentific Method
  6. Sine Language (Lucid Fusion Mix)
  7. The Way In to the Way Out (In Mix)
  8. Caves of Chiang Rai
  9. Pacifica (Aboriginal Mix)
  10. Seekers of Scrolls
  11. Trees Tell Me Their Secrets (Methuselah Mix)
  12. Low Earth Orbit


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