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Gothminister - The Other SideGothminister
Category: Gothic / Metal / Industrial
Album: The Other Side
Blurb: “I know you’re strong because you are just like me.”


For almost 20 years, Gothminister’s Bjørn Alexander Brem has been guiding his flock of black sheep and in his latest sermon, he dives into the topics of life, death, and what comes next. The Other Side is the sixth album from this Norwegian act that blends industrial, metal, and gothic sensibilities with a flair for theatrics. Like GWAR, Lordi, or Ghost B.C., Brem completely inhabits the Gothminister persona, preaching the joys of the dark and sinister and offering support and guidance for the wayward souls that encounter him.

Over the course of the previous five albums, Gothminister’s gimmick and musicianship have made for a delicate balancing act, tiptoeing on the line of becoming cheesy with occasional stumbles that left some previous work falling into the “guilty pleasure” side of things. With The Other Side, Gothminister’s feet are firmly planted a safe distance from that precarious line as the album presents a powerful, transfixing, and uplifting experience. Like the previously mentioned Ghost B.C., Gothminister shows a mastery of constructing memorable chorus hooks such as on “We Are the Ones Who Rule the World” and “All This Time,” which leave Brem’s masterful vocal delivery echoing in your subconscious. The chunking guitar, dancing synths, and driving rhythms are glued together by Brem’s unique vocal style that can best be described as a melodic growl with surprising gravitas and range.

Brem is at the top of his writing and vocal game with The Other Side. With hooks and choruses that burrow deep into your brain and take root, much of the album sticks with you long after the album has come to its end. The album cover’s depiction of the Gothminister as a ghostly apparition turns out to be very appropriate because the The Other Side will haunt you and live on in your memories long after its time is up.
Track list:

  1. Ich Will Alles
  2. The Sun
  3. Der Fliegende Mann
  4. Aegir
  5. Red Christ
  6. We Are the Ones Who Rule the World
  7. All This Time
  8. Day of Reckoning
  9. Taking Over
  10. Somewhere In Time

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