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GoFight - Turn It UpGoFight
Category: Industrial / Electro / Funk
Album: Turn It Up
Stars: 4
Blurb: Gritty and groovy, rough and raw, down and dirty, the new single from Chicago’s eminent electroscuzz band lives up to its title as an ultimate party release to bring audiences together.


In a short time, Chicago’s GoFight has steadily proven itself to be a formidable musical force, presenting a potent anti-war/pro-sex philosophy with a diverse range of styles as harsh as they are sensual. Building from the foundations laid by front man Jim Marcus’ previous group, Die Warzau, the sound of GoFight defies categorization in such a way to appeal to everything from the abrasive industrial to the bouncy dance crowd, with equal parts funk, blues, rock, and pop. Hot on the heels of last year’s acclaimed Music for Military Torture debut, Turn It Up lives up to its title as a virulent and caustic party single that simply demands attention for its infectious groove and its warmly embracing content.

Beginning with a vicious and immediately engaging beat that could only be sprung from the likes of GoFight, complete with live cowbell loops (as it states in the liner notes, “This release has more cowbell”) along with skittering electronics and a bubbly bass line, the Annihilator mix of “Turn It Up” is filled with urgency as Marcus delivers a catchy rap style vocal that is impossible to ignore. The Safety mix of the song is no less vigorous, though perhaps cleaner in its textures, befitting its Safety label, but either mix simply makes for a hot song for any DJ to spin to get the party moving. “Make Some Noise” is on the smoother end of the spectrum, the throbbing bass and disco beat just as danceable, but with a much sexier cadence, especially in the vocal harmonies in the chorus. Giving the song a particularly rocking edge is a bluesy guitar solo courtesy of Mission Marcus, adding to the song’s purely funky attitude. Closing things out is a club mix of “Light of Day” from Music for Military Torture, the interplay of vocal harmonies from I:Scintilla’s Brittany Bindrim, along with a cast of friends to provide backups, maintains the song’s soulful edge, but with a pervasive pumping beat to keep the Carpet the Club mix firmly grounded on the dance floor.

With the band’s fervent efforts to encourage communication and empathy in the digital age, Turn It Up is offered as what GoFight call “compassionware,” free to download and be reposted for people to share – for more information, Jim Marcus has released this accompanying statement. There is an immediacy to the single as a whole, the grittiness of the production standing in contrast to the polish of Music for Military Torture. It’s rough and raw, shooting straight from the hip and beckoning you to get your feet moving and simply enjoy yourself… and with Turn It Up, it will be very difficult not to do so.
Track list:

  1. Turn It Up (Annihilator Mix)
  2. Make Some Noise (J.Duffy SuperCollider Club Mix)
  3. Turn It Up (Safety Mix)
  4. Light of Day (Carpet the Club Mix)

GoFight Website http://www.gofight.net
GoFight MySpace http://new.myspace.com/gofightnation
GoFight Facebook https://www.facebook.com/gofightband
GoFight Twitter http://www.twitter.com/GoFightNation
GoFight ReverbNation http://www.reverbnation.com/gofight
GoFight SoundCloud http://www.soundcloud.com/gofight
GoFight Bandcamp http://gofight.bandcamp.com
Pulseblack Website http://www.pulseblack.com
Pulseblack Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Pulseblack
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