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GoFight - Tokyo SexwaleGoFight
Category: Electroscuzz / Industrial
Album: Tokyo Sexwale
Blurb: As fearless and as poignant in its lyrical themes as it is sophisticated in its blend of industrial, funk, dance, and rock, the fourth album from Chicago electroscuzz band GoFight is a protest album for the modern era.


For 30 years, Jim Marcus has put himself on the musical and artistic front lines, championing progressive ideals across the cultural board. As such, it is quite fitting that the opening lyrics of the fourth full-length album from his electroscuzz outfit GoFight are the same as those from Die Warzau’s Disco Rigido, immediately hitting the listener with the harsh and dreadful statement that “This is a racist nation.” Never one to shy from sociopolitical commentary, Tokyo Sexwale is as much a lyrical indictment of just how much farther humanity in general – and the United States in particular – has to go in shedding the harmful and xenophobic attitudes of the past. Named for the South African politician, activist, and former criminal, GoFight sharply endeavors on this album to oppose the allowance of these attitudes to once again become the norm with the reminder that it is a civic duty to break bad laws.

A fine example of this at play on the album is “The Blue Line,” a track whose lyrics are formed from the reported last words spoken by those unjustly killed by police; the contrast between the harrowing words and the upbeat dance rhythms and vicious interplay of scathing synths and guitars makes for one of the most engaging tracks on both Tokyo Sexwale and in the whole of GoFight’s discography. In a similar vein is “Breaking the Skin,” its immediately fetching chorus sure to get trapped in listeners’ heads for hours, while the vocal effects reverberating like the distant wails of sirens amid bouncy electronics and a shrill guitar-esque solo creating a sense of urgency at impending destruction. On the other hand, “Civilized” takes on a more anthemic and direct approach with the bombast of the handclapping beats and the strident bass line underlying words that strike at the core of man’s desire to resist and protest against injustice. Other songs, like “Pussy” and “American Superman” with their grooving disco beats and funky bass lines, address the virulently toxic elements in the American mentality today – the first taking direct potshots at the current President, with the second being a broader observation of those who support him.

GoFight’s stance had been described as “pro-sex / anti-war” from the band’s inception, and this remains true as Tokyo Sexwale also presents songs that examine human emotions and relationships – from the issues of physical and emotional abuse that pervade “Another Fucking Love Song,” the almost blues/rock refrains making for one of the record’s strongest tracks, to the bouncy melancholy of “Chemical” as it takes a jaded view at the illusions of love conducted through a phone or computer screen, lacking in substance or actual human connection. On a brighter note is the celebratory and strutting “Queer the World” and the lustful “You Are the Drug,” with the album’s closing tracks of “Don’t Stop” and “Gods Tonight” ending things with words of strength and reassurance. The clangs of cowbells and vicious, distorted vocals in “Don’t Stop” underscored by a slinky, sliding bass line are filled with tension and anxiety, as if to throw a gallon of kerosene on a dying fire to keep it alight, never letting the fire of discord and dissent dim, leaving the rocking and rolling “Gods Tonight” basking in the lights, never minding if they flicker as long as one remembers to “Don’t give up” and “Don’t let ‘em get you down.”

Over the course of four albums, GoFight has crafted out a sound that is distinct and consistent, with Tokyo Sexwale proving to be the band’s strongest effort yet. Every element at play in the stylistic mix – the clanking industrial and piercing electro punctuated by Vince McAley’s powerful and infectious rhythms, Mission Marcus’ groovy bass, and Dan Evans’ grimy and guttural guitar – is amplified to create a gritty and scuzzy sound that can only be described as GoFight, topped off by some of the most poignant lyrics of Jim Marcus’ career. Such a hardline stance is sure to turn some listeners off, but that is to be expected and ultimately desired when addressing issues of such magnitude, and when set to such a sophisticated musical brew as what GoFight concocts, one can’t help but revel in the band’s fearlessness.
Track list:

  1. Welcome to the Future
  2. Monster
  3. Breaking the Skin
  4. Another Fucking Love Song
  5. The Blue Line
  6. Chemical
  7. You Are the Drug
  8. Pussy
  9. Queer the World
  10. Civilized
  11. American Superman
  12. Don’t Stop
  13. Gods Tonight

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