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GoFight - Napalm BabyGoFight
Category: Electroscuzz / Electro / Industrial
Album: Napalm Baby
Stars: 5
Blurb: Chicago’s premier electroscuzz act cranks into overdrive on this sophomore album, sounding both fresh and fashionable and offering up one hell of a good time!


Developing one’s own signature sound is difficult enough; doing so in a manner that creates a singularly identifiable style that simply can’t be attributed to any other entity is an even tougher feat, but Chicago’s GoFight has managed to do so, with this sophomore album being but the latest example. With all of the explorative grittiness and caustic assertion of industrial, mixed with the sexy grooves of funk and the danceable abandon of EDM, GoFight’s electroscuzz musicality is but one facet of the band’s appeal; topped off with a lyrical approach that is as intelligent as it is sardonic, Napalm Baby is just the kind of audio weapon to wield for those who share in GoFight’s pro-sex/anti-war message.

Every bit as challenging and infectious as the Music for Military Torture debut, Napalm Baby offers a fresh yet fashionable musical taste that is simply irresistible in its catchiness. Case in point, a song like “Gay on the Dancefloor” with its classic blues rock bass line given no small amount of punch from the gritty electronics and the raunchy lyrics is quite impossible not to dance along with. Similarly, “The Funk” simply grooves and struts confidently with skittering electronics and a throbbing bass that won’t have you sitting still for very long, while “Rocket” lives up to its title as a driving piece of overdriven electro with a strident and sexy melody in celebration of the beauty and strength of women. Released in early 2014 as a single, “Turn It Up” is given something of a heavier makeover as the prowess of live drummer Vince McAley is given special prominence on this song, making it as vital and vigorous a party track as ever. This can also be said of “Drop a Bomb,” this version adding a touch more of a hip-shaking groove than the Megaton mix heard on the Drop a Bomb single. Also given a more forceful version is “Make Some Noise,” for while Mission Marcus’ guitar solo on the single version is sorely missed by this writer, the song is no less enticing for its atmosphere to simply do as its title suggests. “Sundown” with its darker tone evoking a more mechanical atmosphere is somewhat reminiscent of Jim Marcus’ earlier work in Die Warzau, but the pulsating sequences in that, “Dirty Money,” and in “The Moscow Drag” could rival anybody in the EBM scene, the latter track touting one of the most anthemic choruses on the album.

Though many acts continue to fuse and mix genres and find new avenues to create music that speaks to a wide range of tastes, GoFight deserves much credit for doing so in a truly individualistic manner. Guitars are treated to such a degree that they complement the electronics in overdrive, the blend of organic and synthetic beats is sure to leave listeners exhausted from endless dancing yet begging for more, and despite its aggressive tone, the message is clear in its celebration of diversity and humanity in all its forms. There is a discernibly tribal element to GoFight as well, personified by the aforementioned percussion as well as the chanting vocal refrains like those heard in “Rocket” or “Kill What You Eat,” all of which only serves to strengthen the band’s positive sociopolitical stances without taking itself so seriously as to miss out on a good time… and Napalm Baby is a damn good time indeed!
Track list:

  1. Sundown
  2. Dreamkiller
  3. Rocket
  4. Gay on the Dancefloor
  5. Turn It Up
  6. Make Some Noise
  7. What About You
  8. Dirty Money
  9. The Moscow Drag
  10. The Funk
  11. Kill What You Eat
  12. Drop a Bomb

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