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Go Fight - Music for Military TortureGoFight
Category: Electro / Industrial
Album: Music for Military Torture
Stars: 5
Blurb: Glitchy, groovy, funky, and above all sexy, this debut from the Chicago electroscuzz act picks up right where Die Warzau left off and makes a strong declaration for freedom of expression.


When Die Warzau announced its dissolution in 2011, the underground music scene lamented the loss of one of its most unique acts. However, Jim Marcus would not leave listeners in the void for long, teaming up with fellow live members Dan Evans and Vince McAley to pick up right where Die Warzau left off with the formation of GoFight. Glitchy, groovy, funky, and above all sexy, GoFight’s self-proclaimed pro-sex/anti-war electroscuzz sound encompasses a wide range of styles that come together in a form that is highly danceable, melodic, and challenging, presented in all its glory on the debut, Music for Military Torture.

Keeping with the previous incarnation’s support for freedom of expression, Music for Military Torture presents the interesting dichotomy of sex and politics, often blurring the line between the two. Songs like “Line Up,” “Peacemaker,” and “Go” sardonically address everything from gun control to media manipulation to social rebellion, all set to smooth, sensual melodies and infectious beats. Of this ilk, “We Are the Enemy” is an unabashed highlight, the gritty synth bass line pulsating like an automaton in the throes of an orgasm and a chorus so anthemic and in-your-face that it will be impossible not to shout along with. Other songs like “Fuck Like a Movie Star” with its unapologetic lyrics celebrating all forms of sexuality and carnal enjoyment, set to a stomping beat and a catchy vocal refrain, and “Sex Theology” with its juxtapositions of sex and religion are much more direct, but no less enticing. For a touch of humor, “White Guys” is a bouncy romp combining rapid fire hip-hop verses with dubstep squelches while “Pussygrinder” boasts itself to be a cover of a Nine Inch Nails track from the Strobelight album (itself an April Fool’s joke), though the latter is notable for its guttural groove and a lovely backup vocal from I:Scintilla’s Brittany Bindrim.

Music for Military Torture takes no prisoners as it draws as much on the personal as the political, with a song like “Big Hit Radio” taking a direct stab at the R.I.A.A. while “Girls Love Hard” serves as a straightforward love song. No stylistic stone is left unturned, delivering an album that quite literally has something for everyone without flinching in the face of an overly censored and sterilized industry that only stifles the kind of creativity GoFight offers. The name may be different, but the feel is the same; GoFight is just the kind of punch in the gut and thrust of the hip that modern music needs, and Music for Military Torture may quite possible be among the best albums of the year.
Track list:

  1. Line Up
  2. Fuck Like a Movie Star
  3. Go
  4. We Are the Enemy
  5. Girls Love Hard
  6. Give the People What They Want
  7. Pussygrinder
  8. All God Now
  9. White Guys
  10. Big Hit Radio
  11. Sex Theology
  12. Ride
  13. Peacemaker
  14. Light of Day

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