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GoFight - The Moscow DragGoFight
Category: Electro / Industrial / Funk
Album: The Moscow Drag
Stars: 4.5
Blurb: For the band’s second single of the year, GoFight stands with the GLBTQ youth of the world with a proud declaration against injustice and abuse too heartfelt and just too damn catchy to be ignored.


Confronting the major issues affecting today’s progressive society while entertaining an audience is no easy task, but Chicago’s electroscuzz sensation GoFight proves time and again to be up to the challenge. Beginning 2014 with the goal to release new music on a monthly basis and further encourage communication and empathy in the digital age, dubbed “compassionware” by the band, The Moscow Drag is GoFight’s second single for the year; a poignant and powerful statement of freedom of sexual expression.

As ever, GoFight’s music defies strict categorization as a pumping beat and a groovy bass line recall the early funk experimentations of the industrial scene, while the sonic textures employed with every glitchy synth and scratchy guitar are certainly as modern as you can get. A catchy, rather bluesy melody driven by a forceful declaration, “In the end we’re gonna win,” the title song is a firm and proud protest against the abuse and mistreatment of GLBTQ citizens not just in Russia but throughout the world. Of the remixes of “The Moscow Drag,” the Suitcase mix is no less dynamic, full of equally gritty synths, a throbbing monotonic bass, and with the urgency of the beat emphasized to call people to the dance floor, while Wade Alin’s Re-Bar mix is full of caustic simplicity not unlike his past work with Christ Analogue as the vocals are distorted as if heard through a failing radio, the synths retaining a decidedly danceable and addictive acidity. The Post Op mix closes the EP out with a bouncy bass line alteration and chiming harmonic guitar refrain that gives the song an ‘80s-ish aura not unlike the current French new wave revivalism. Filling out the single is the Benedictine mix of “Sex Theology” from the acclaimed Music for Military Torture album, the vocal chorus simply impossible not to sing along to and an incessant shuffle beat (complete with “more cowbell,’ as on the preceding Turn It Up single), while the Dirty dub of “Dirty Money” aims straight for the libido with its pulsating dance beat and bass line, inviting listeners to bump and grind on the dance floor.

Dedicated to one Chip Howard, who according to the liner notes “taught everyone, everywhere he went, how to look up and get the rest of the world to look with you,” and with a rather hot music video in cooperation with the It Gets Better International Project telling the GLBTQ youth that “You are beautiful,” The Moscow Drag is GoFight’s compassionware ideal taken to its utmost… and it’s only the band’s second release of 2014. With a new single for March and a new album scheduled for release in June, GoFight’s pro-sex/anti-war stance continues to inspire and entertain.

Track list:

  1. The Moscow Drag (#noSochi Video Mix)
  2. Sex Theology (Benedictine Mix)
  3. The Moscow Drag (Suitcase Mix)
  4. The Moscow Drag (Re-Bar Mix by Wade Alin)
  5. Dirty Money (Dirty Dub)
  6. The Moscow Drag (Post Op Mix)

GoFight Website http://www.gofight.net
GoFight MySpace http://new.myspace.com/gofightnation
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GoFight Bandcamp http://gofight.bandcamp.com
Pulseblack Website http://www.pulseblack.com
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It Gets Better Project Website http://www.itgetsbetter.org
It Gets Better Project Facebook https://www.facebook.com/itgetsbetterproject
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