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GoFight - Drop a BombGoFight
Category: Industrial / Electro / Funk
Album: Drop a Bomb
Stars: 4
Blurb: The Chicago electroscuzz sensation delivers its third single in as many months, offering a powerful preview of what is yet to come from GoFight’s second album.


Maintaining a prolific pace for 2014, GoFight shows no signs of slowing down, with Drop a Bomb being the band’s third single release in as many months. Balancing erotic and danceable grooves with caustic synths and guitars, accessible melodies and rhythms with almost oppressive and noisy textures, the band’s electroscuzz musical style simply has something for everyone. Topped off with the band’s pro-sex/anti-war message, Drop a Bomb takes a step forward from the preceding singles as an overt indication of what audiences can expect from the forthcoming album, Napalm Baby, scheduled for release in summer.

As is almost requisite for GoFight, a throbbing bass line and aggressive drumbeat kicks things off, Jim Marcus’ assertive vocals evoking R&B melody and punk-like force all at once. With sampled shouts added for good measure to augment the song’s tribal energy, this writer must note a distinctive similarity with “We Are Electric” off of Die Warzau’s Borghild, which is not unusual given GoFight’s history stemming off from that band, and hardly diminishes “Drop a Bomb” as its own musical statement. The Decibel mix of the song is a little less hurriedly paced, the beat taking on a much more groovy cadence due in no small part to the cowbell and handclaps – elements given prominence in the Decibel Drumbeat mix that closes the EP out – but it is the Octane mix that is perhaps the most decidedly in-your-face version as the distorted glitches of synth and drumbeats are as amped as the vocals. Of the two mixes of “Give the People What They Want,” the Pure Pain mix stands out in this writer’s ears, slightly altering the vocal progression to play with the melody while the buzzing synth bass retains the gritty blues feel of the original taken to a noisier extreme. The Electrophase mix is no less forceful as the bass throbs with intense vigor, the beats simply beckoning the listener to the dance floor.

Three for three – GoFight deserves credit for keeping up the production stamina as well as the ballsy strength to create with music that packs a heavy punch that leaves the kind of bruises that listeners love to endure. If this song is a preview of what Napalm Baby has to offer, it promises to be an album as varied as Music for Military Torture; perhaps even a heavier venture that will certainly please the rivetheads without sacrificing any of the funky energy that makes GoFight a singular musical entity. Like the lyrics say, “Gotta push it to 11!”
Track list:

  1. Drop a Bomb (Megaton Mix)
  2. Drop a Bomb (Decibel Mix)
  3. Drop a Bomb (Octane Mix)
  4. Give the People What They Want (Electrophase Mix)
  5. Give the People What They Want (Pure Pain Mix)
  6. Drop a Bomb (Decibel Drumbeat)

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