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GoFight - American JihadiGoFight
Category: Electroscuzz / Industrial / Funk
Album: American Jihadi
Stars: 4.5
Blurb: GoFight’s third album brings “tha funk” and a signature sexy electro-sleaze while challenging social and political climates… does it with a sense of humor.


In an industrial music scene where many albums and messages are politically charged and bleak, it’s refreshing when a band comes along and reminds listeners that even though there are many things wrong in the world, one can always escape through music and dancing. Thankfully, GoFight and its latest creation, American Jihadi does just that; its 13 tracks create a multi-faceted musical menagerie that make listeners want to dance, fornicate, and fill polling booths… maybe even all at the same time.

The group brings a positivity to music that can’t be found anywhere else. To make an album that tackles political, religious, and social issues while making people want to dance seems like an impossible task, but GoFight makes you do it and does it with a smile. After boogying to the opening track, “Pretty Thing,” the rocking beat and rhythm of “Alive Again” will surely make listeners get out of their seats. It’s a great cardio track and one that athletes could even use as warm up before competition. Each track on American Jihadi flows seamlessly into the next, keeping the electrofunk steadily grooving and moving.

Following up is “We Are Genocide,” which put simply is pure fun. It could be the disco-infused soundtrack to alien annihilation or a sci-fi porno soundtrack; either way, you’re going out with a blast and a bang. Then “Invisible Men” brings some Thrill Kill Kult inspired salty, swinging funk while “Gone to Mexico” proves that all music genres can be improved by some tasteful cowbell, such as on this glitchy track. Continuing the party is “I Have a Devil In Me.” It’s raunchy, cleverly written, and again, fun. Vocalist Jim Marcus sings “That he can feel that there’s something wrong with me,” but there is nothing to be ashamed of on this track.

American Jihadi proceeds onward with dance-inducing tracks, but it’s “LA California” and “Dangerous” that really jump out at you at the latter portions of the album. “LA California” maintains a hip-swaying momentum good for driving and/or performing stripteases, while “Dangerous” has a bass line phat as fuck that reminds this reviewer of Thrill Kill Kult’s “Devil Bunnies.” Rather than ending an album with a slow, macabre floor killer like many albums do, GoFight concludes with “Every Voice On the Radio.” You finish listening to the album feeling somewhat refreshed with a little bit more hope. Maybe all the political candidates and issues do suck, but at least you can still fuck and dance. For its ability to make listeners dance, smile, and think, American Jihadi belongs in every music lover’s collection as it does not adhere to any specific genre.
Track list:

  1. Pretty Thing
  2. Alive Again
  3. We Are Genocide
  4. Invisible Men
  5. Gone to Mexico
  6. I Have a Devil In Me
  7. LA California (The Porn Star Song)
  8. Army of God
  9. Light It Up
  10. 8th Day
  11. Jesus Wants You
  12. Dangerous
  13. Every Voice On the Radio

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