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Godflesh - Post SelfGodflesh
Category: Industrial / Metal / Experimental
Album: Post Self
Blurb: Godflesh has always reached past the confines of strict categorization, and with this latest album, presents some of the most unsettlingly diverse sounds the band has yet produced to create a soundtrack to the shattered self.


Justin K. Broadrick and G.C. Green have both enjoyed a period of prolific activity since reforming Godflesh in 2010; besides conducting several tours and releasing the 2014 album A World Lit Only by Fire, Broadrick crafted several albums under the monikers of Zonal and JK Flesh, as well as continuing Jesu with a pair of collaborative albums, and performing numerous remixes under the name of Godflesh. During this time, the pair was working on a new Godflesh album that was purported to be “less metal” and would explore the band’s other dynamics, including post-punk and industrial. The resulting album, Post Self proves to be one of the most virulently diverse and atmospheric in the band’s distinguished oeuvre, with a cover image that hauntingly – and quite appropriately given the range of alternative influences those albums contained – evokes the late ‘90s albums Us and Them and Songs of Love and Hate.

The opening title track was released as an introductory single to give the audience a taste of what Post Self had to offer, and though it is driven by a decidedly metal sound, the doom-laden elements that pervaded the previous record do seem to be muted in favor of a more mechanically rhythmic groove. His howls are less guttural and more incendiary, like the anguished screams of a machine in desperate need of repair, as Green’s caustic bass thrusts like a hydraulic piston in need of oiling. “Parasite” follows suit as it marches to rapid fire bass lines and the sustained dissonance of Broadrick’s riffs and vocal growls, but with the shrieking metallic breaks and slithering drum loops of “No Body” taking prominence, the wider scope of influences on Post Self becomes more readily apparent. For instance, “In Your Shadow” and “Mortality Sorrow” are more synth driven exercises with minimal traces of guitars, Green’s thickly insidious bass and Broadrick’s robotic vocal effects on the latter track adding to the monstrous cybernetic vibe, while the shrill and discordant stabs of guitar and percussion backed by Broadrick’s acerbic yet resonant clean vocals echoing into the automatic atmosphere of “Pre Self” makes for one of the record’s most unsettlingly panicked and haunted moments. Hints of the cold shoegazing emotion of Jesu seep through as on the darkly choral ambience of “Be God” underscored by bellowing subsonic distortions, the screaming vocals buried in the tense sonic miasma, as well as the atonal processional of “The Cyclic End” with Broadrick’s impassioned melodic wails wavering amid sustained chords and sparse percussive hits. There is an almost tribal, strutting, danceable quality to “Mirror of Finite Light” as Broadrick’s voice and ringing guitar hover atop a strident rhythm section to create an uneasy, almost ritualistic feeling, leaving the “The Infinite End” to close Post Self out with what is almost a conglomeration of all we’ve been presented with.

Post Self is an album of contradictions and contrasts, a reclamation and reaffirmation of the creative identity that Godflesh established during the band’s initial run in the ‘90s as one of the pioneering acts in the fusion of industrial and metal. After the more primitive and regressive approach to A World Lit Only by Fire, on which the band virtually started from scratch and reached back to its earliest beginnings, Post Self is more of a cornucopia of all that Godflesh has stood for with aspects of post-punk, hip-hop, trip-hop, breakbeat, electronica, shoegaze, and whatever else Broadrick and Green have experimented with over the years shining through every monolithic track. Through it all remain the band’s signature themes of horrific exploration into the wasteland of personal apocalypse, the search within the shattered self for salvation in a world where there is none. With three bonus remixes on CD and digital editions to offer an even deeper stylistic mélange, audiences can expect to hear on Post Self some of the most inspired material Godflesh has yet produced.
Track list:

  1. Post Self
  2. Parasite
  3. No Body
  4. Mirror of Finite Light
  5. Be God
  6. The Cyclic End
  7. Pre Self
  8. Mortality Sorrow
  9. In Your Shadow
  10. The Infinite End
  11. Parasite [Alternative]
  12. The Cyclic End [Dub]
  13. In Your Shadow [JK Flesh Reshape]

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