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Godflesh - Decline & Fall EPGodflesh
Category: Industrial / Metal
Album: Decline & Fall EP
Stars: 4
Blurb: The masters of apocalyptic industrial/metal have returned after 13 years, with this EP serving as but the first sample of what is in store.


When Godflesh released Hymns in 2001, few could have predicted the personal descent that Justin K. Broadrick was about to suffer, ultimately leading to the dissolution of one of the music world’s most singular and influential entities. In 2010, the reformation of Godflesh was announced, although audiences would have to wait four years for any smattering of new material to be released; Decline & Fall is the reward for their patience.

A stinging distorted ambience like a swarm of approaching insects gives way to a mechanical procession of marching beats and guitars, B.C. Green’s distinctively metallic bass thrum playing marvelous against Broadrick’s wall of distortion. Complete with his despairing howls, at once melodic and guttural, “Ringer” signals the return of Godflesh with vicious fortitude. “Dogbite” follows at first with the growls of guitar leading into an atonal siren-like melody, Broadrick’s voice forcefully bellowing with all the fervor he first exhibited in 1988 on Streetcleaner, while “Playing with Fire” seethes with a wall of dissonant frequencies that light the speakers ablaze with all the brilliance of a nuclear bomb. The pace picks up as “Decline & Fall” closes the EP out with a decidedly menacing atmosphere, squeals of malignant guitar harmonics and a grinding, maliciously sludgy chord progression instigating a feeling of incessant dread suitable to Godflesh’s sonic wasteland.

Despite having spent the last decade honing his skills with the equally intense but much more melodic and dreamy Jesu, advances in technology, and the use of 8-string guitars, Broadrick and Green remain true to the name of Godflesh, pursuing the aesthetics first established 26 years ago. This makes Decline & Fall a welcome return to the roots of apocalyptic industrial/metal; torturous in its languid tempos, unforgiving in its distorted fury. The EP serves not only as a sign of what’s to come from the subsequent full-length album, but also as a reminder of the unbridled power Godflesh brings to the world of music. Listen ye mighty and despair!
Track list:

  1. Ringer
  2. Dogbite
  3. Playing with Fire
  4. Decline & Fall

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