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God Module - SéanceGod Module
Category: EBM / Industrial / Goth
Album: Séance
Stars: 3.5
Blurb: The grim reapers of dark electro return with this relentless yet melodic album.


God Module is back after four long years and what they set to deliver with Séance is arguably the band’s most atmospheric and accessible work to date. Bringing a bag full of old proven tricks and supported by System Syn’s Clint Carney, Jasyn and Courtney Bangert do not reinvent themselves but revisit their dark domain with a seemingly limitless reserve of energy and enthusiasm.

The album opens with an extended track that utilizes a fragment of a dialogue from 1985 film Witchboard, explaining the meaning of the word Ouija. Informative as it is, “Ouija” is effective mainly because of a distinctive growling vocal and a slower tempo that meticulously builds an atmosphere of uncertainty and terror. Taking its cues from proven orchestral arrangements that you will instantaneously connect with tactics exploited by cinema and adored by God Module, “Ouija” introduces a range of distant synthesizer sounds that appear fresh as a part of a terror EBM venture. It’s a fitting and thoughtful opening to an album that so obviously taps into the cannon of horror imagery. Quite curiously then, the entire mood so carefully set up in the speech heavy opening disintegrates under the unstoppable wave of harsh electro in “Devil’s Night.” What might have been an enlivening interlude becomes a dominant mode of expression on Séance and one would be excused to think of the entire ghostly panoply as an underdeveloped gimmick. From the outset you can feel right at home with God Module’s new album and it’s hardly a fault. “Plastic” bears a strange resemblance to :Wumpscut: with its blunt, harsh beat but is far more melodic and club friendly. It does stand out as one of the most obviously gothic tracks on the album and the effortless combination of low spirits evoked by the lyrics (sourced from Battlestar: Galactica) and high musical energy provides a spark that is confidently sustained throughout the rest of the record. “Extinct,” on which the trio of vocals belonging to each of God Module’s members creates an effect of unpredictability and lyrical complexity, is a clear and monumental highlight. It’s a track that is easy to miss on an album filled with so many entrancing songs since it remains reliant on a simple hook. Its subtle transformation into an absorbing musical dialogue perfectly embodies Séance’s haunting style. “M.D.K.,” “Ritual,”’ and “Video” are all consistently dynamic while “Remember” and “Into the Outside” pleasantly incorporate lighter styles that will be recognizable to anyone who is familiar with Carney’s work on System Syn.

Although it would be interesting to observe Séance evolve into a more coherent concept album than it actually is, what made its way onto the final release proves time worthy and catchy. God Module’s wavering and inconsistent commitment to the themes of horror and the paranormal is perhaps an effect of years of refining their dark electro sensibility through a rather playful tone of their music; a tone that seems to disagree with the album’s gothic preoccupations. As an effect, even countless film samples sourced from classic chillers fail to save some of the songs from detaching from that chosen direction. Séance is an album put together with undeniable verve but might have benefited from greater amount of experimentation. However, regardless of the balance between the new and the old, it’s a pounding, structured, and energetic release that holds up under close scrutiny and justifies numerous repeated plays.
Track list:

  1. Ouija
  2. Devil’s Night
  3. Plastic
  4. Doppelganger
  5. M.D.K.
  6. Extinct
  7. Rituals
  8. Into the Outside
  9. Video
  10. Remember
  11. Fake Fame
  12. Afraid of the Light

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