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God Module - Psychic SurgeryGod Module
Category: EBM / Electro
Album: Psychic Surgery
Stars: 3.5
Blurb: An extensive and entertaining collection of out-of-print material from the unquestionable masters of dark industrial rhythms.


Not since 2011’s Séance were audiences indulged by God Module’s new material. In the breaks between relentlessly touring the Americas back and forth, Jasyn and Courtney Bangert found time, however, to return to the roots of their success and re-released the sophomore record Empath. This year’s Psychic Surgery, a collection of two previously out-of-print EPs, marks a second nostalgic journey to the past and an exhaustive anthology of pounding dark electro.

The record’s lengthy track list can be logically divided into four segments, each of them headlined by a different hard hitting single and elaborated upon by a collective of industrial’s hottest artists. Beginning with “Perception,” God Module runs through some of its most signature tropes with the opening track itself, filled with the expected dosage of crisp, vibrating beats and menacing vocal lines, carefully settled within the melodic structure of the chorus. Infekktion adds verve and danceable energy with a beat falling heavily upon the listener’s ears like a sonic sledgehammer. Culture Kultür sharpens the track’s club potential and between its densely noisy exploits and raving interludes confirms its forte for dance floor dominance. The variety and comprehensive diversity of these approaches to God Module’s material shines through, providing a continuously entertaining experience.

The album moves from track to track swiftly, while the overall tones change subtly between each new track to cater for different tastes. “Transcend,” acting in the capacity of this record’s undeniable oddity, sweetens the dominant mood of gloom by the way of synthpop derived female vocalization mixed into the unusually cheerful construction of upbeat synths. The powerful and riveting “Interference,” which brings to mind some of band’s classic club hits, impresses with both the original version and a selection of mixes – relegated to L’Ame Imortelle, Stromkern, and Grendel – that remake it with utmost respect for their own styles and methods. By the time Psychic Surgery begins to unwind through the bouncing unison of “Victims Among Friends” and the raw, mechanical power of tracks like “Image,” listeners’ appetites should be, if not challenged, definitely fulfilled.

The sheer volume of remastered and new material collected across the two discs is enough to recommend this new edition of Perception and Victims Among Friends to God Module’s devoted fans. Do not be mistaken though, because not only will the band’s avid admirers find this journey to the beating heart of darkness exhilarating and worthwhile. Between Bangert’s own talent for dangerously infectious electro rhythms and an impressive roster of remix artists, everyone with some stakes in the genre will find several opportunities to feel indulged and pleasured.
Track list:
Disc 1

  1. Perception
  2. Perception (Infekktion Mix)
  3. Perception (Culture Kultür Mix)
  4. Perception (Dismantled Mix)
  5. Transcend
  6. Transcend (The Parallel Project Mix)
  7. Transcend (Cut.Rate.Box Mix)
  8. Interference
  9. Interference (L’Ame Imortelle Mix)
  10. Interference (Stromkern Mix)
  11. Interference (Grendel Mix)

Disc 2

  1. Victims Among Friends 2013
  2. Victims Among Friends (Original)
  3. The Ones We Love
  4. Victims Among Friends (Suicide Commando Mix)
  5. Resurrection Resurrected (LivEvil Version)
  6. The Ones We Love (The Parallel Project Mix)
  7. Image
  8. Victims Among Friends (Amduscia Mix)
  9. The Ones We Love (God Mod Club Mix)

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