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God in a Cone - ParasitoidGod in a Cone
Category: Industrial / Rock
Album: Parasitoid
Blurb: God in a Cone’s Nikos Marinos keeps things hot with the release of his fourth full-length album in less than a year.


It’s difficult for artists to put out a new album once a year, let alone four albums in less than a year, but the powerhouse that is Nikos Marinos has succeeded in just that through his solo project God in a Cone. The Athens, Greece native may soon find himself a modern mythos due to his seemingly endless energy and a creative streak that’s churned out quality songs that cannot be confined to a specific genre. His latest album, Parasitoid continues with Marinos’ unique, morphing mixture of musical genres and inspirations.

The opening track “Fuck Your Cancer” opens the album with gusto as the industrial/alt. rock tune begins with distorted synths and Marinos whispering the title aggressively before blasting into a primal scream. Clean guitars mixed with the fuzzy synths and bass provide a melody as the backing vocals provide a gentler harmony alongside the raspy yell of the main vocal. Marinos describes the song as an homage to all the fighters in life. “Tomb” takes on a softer sound with a more retro electro focus and a hint of funk in the beat. Once the guitars and vocals kick in, there is a distinct Jane’s Addiction vibe that somehow morphs into a Duran Duran sound with a dollop of rap peppered in… because why the hell not? “Hand” starts off with a symphonic melody and quickly explodes into a driving hard rock song with heavy guitars and some double kick drums for good measure. “Obscurist” stays on the rock train, but with cleaner guitars and vocal harmonies that are reminiscent of early ‘90s alternative inspired by the likes of Alice in Chains. “Chasma” breaks the rock streak with its jazzy ambient sound, Greek vocals, and a melody that sounds like it comes from an old world European café. “Parasitoid” mixes reggae guitars and beats with dark electronic synths while slowly building into mid-tempo industrial ballad with a sentimental feel, then surprises with a metal spin towards the end. “Black Home” stands out as a favorite on the album, particularly the second half of the song where a frantic yet organized wall of sound builds with synth melodies, guitar riffs, and layers of soulful vocal harmonies that culminate into a satisfying climax.

God in a Cone impresses again with interesting songs that begin with one style and morph and blend into others without being jarring or disconnected. The tracks are comprised of seamless movements, which take the listener on a musical journey around the world and through time with their intriguing compositions and influences.
Track list:

  1. Fuck Your Cancer
  2. Tomb
  3. Hand
  4. Obscurist
  5. Chasma
  6. Parasitoid
  7. Black Home

God in a Cone
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